Hey all---Proud owner of a '03 Cobra

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  1. Hi. This is my first post here--looking forward to learning some stuff. I just bought an '03 Cobra. its lowered, got drag radials, subframe connectors, but other than that its stock. well--heres some pics......



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  2. dsg is awesome, esp. w/ the 10th anniversery rims. real nice car.:hail2:
  3. dsg? what is that?
  4. Dark Shadow Grey.. the color of ur beautiful/awesome car :D

    Nice car by the way, lookin good! :nice:
  5. NICE! Gotta love the DSG... One of my favorite colors.

  6. Beautiful man, congrats:nice:
  7. Nice car and I agree, it's the best color :D
  8. Nice car man I love that color, and the rims compliment it perfectly
  9. ok--now how do i go about finding a smaller puller for the supercharger? i gotta have that extra boost!!! i also need a cold air intake, x pipe, diablo programmer, and anything else you can think of to add that tire hatin power!!
  10. ok a smaller pully you can get from pretty much any place, chicane motorsports is a good place. Cold air intake go with the Andersen Power pipe cold air intake, X-pipe go with bassani and probably a cat-back system wouldn't hurt from them either, diablo programmer you can order online. I would recommend some koni shocks all the way around. It will help with handling and also wheel hope. I would also recommend with the exhaust some mid-length headers from bassani, hell just get the whole system it'll save you time in the long run. Also maybe some 3.73 gears. Or go with an SLP kit it'll give you 575hp gurenteed. If you really have some coin go with a KB 2.4 blower. So much power you won't know what to do with it. Depending on how much power your lookin for you might want to think about upgrading the injectors, MAF, and brakes to stop the thing. Depending on if your setting your car up for drag or road racing get the proper suspension parts like k-member, control arms, coil-overs, axles, and yea I can't really think of anything else except for safety things like rollbar, seats, harnesses, ect. If I think of anything else I will post it.. I thought of something a short-throw shifter, and gauges to keep control of everything..
  11. forgot to add my clutch popping episode yesterday--i broke my pinion gear--now i have 4:10's.....oh yea!
  12. nice nice nice well only the fact that you ended up with 4.10's that's pretty sweet, well if need be get a stage two clutch if you didn't upgrade it already
  13. i dont know what clutch it has---but its not the stock one.....

    *EDIT* why does it show my post count as zero---WTF??
  14. It might need time to calibrate, see what it says tommorrow. So what kind of power are you looking at?? And if you don't mind me asking how much money do you have to put into this baby??
  15. ive got 23 grand in it.......dont know about power output yet.....
  16. No offense to Mr. 98 Saleen Cobra, but there are a few things he's suggesting you do or buy that are a little out in left field! Do a search and see what other 03/04 owners are running. Anderson power pipe for an '03 Cobra? Do they even make one? I know of ZERO 03/04 Cobra owners who run an Anderson Power Pipe. The majority run either a JLT, K&N FIPK, or Steeda unit. Smaller pulleys can be obtained from many places, but the most popular are from either Billetflow, Reichard Racing, or South Florida Pulley. As for an X-pipe... might want to wait before you go that route, at least until you know whether you're going to do headers and what type of cat-back you plan on adding. X-pipes are expensive (at least the catted ones are which is recommended for an 03/04) and if you decide to put headers on the car (very expensive and a major PITA for very little HP gains) you may need to change to an H-pipe based on your choice. As a minimum for now get a good quality stainless steel cat-back system. It will offer some impressive HP/TQ gains for a relatively simple mod. It will also work with whatever X or H pipe you go with in the future or headers if you decide to go that route. As for shocks.... the Cobra comes from the factory with an excellent set of bilsteins all the way around. If you start getting wheel hop in the rear under hard acceleration from a stop then you may want to try some stiffer shocks along with a few other supporting mods to combat this condition. Skip the Diablo programmer and go for the Xcal 2 from SCT, it's superior. The 3.55 gears are FINE! The car blows the back tires away in stock form with the 3.55's. You wouldn't even notice a difference going to 3.73's. The perfect gear for these cars if you plan on drag racing is 3.90's. The 4.10's are good too, but now both 1st & 2nd gear on the street under WOT is worthless unless you're running some very sticky rubber. The SLP kit is a good all-in-one setup that will put out 575HP at the crank, but you can get to that same mark cheaper using some different methods. Forget about the KB 2.4 unless you plan on running 22 PSI into your motor. :rolleyes: Stick with the KB 2.2 if you really need an upgrade. You can do almost as well with just getting the blower/TB/inlet ported by Stiegemeier.

    If you have some specific questions concerning your '03 please post them up. There are enough 03/04 owners on this board who will take the time to point you in the right direction. Some of us have already been down the path you're on and can offer first hand knowledge of what works, and what doesn't.

  17. :stupid: :nice:
  18. couldn't have said it better myself. Only thing to add would be to look into the Stieggy Stage III port if 500-520 rwhp is your goal. Stiegemeier is doing amazing things with the eaton these days. If I could go back I might have just saved the $$ I spent on the KB and went with the ported combo.
  19. your right about the power pipe----they dont make one for the 03-04 cobra. the stock intake is very well designed(the tubing at least--not the air filter)
    it looks like i could get just as much airflow from just getting an adapter and adding a k&n filter in place of the airbox. and since the stock tube is plastic, it doesnt conduct heat like a metal tube would=cooler air intake air charge=more hp.

    as for gears, i just got 4:10's put in it. and your right about 1st and 2nd being worthless on the street now--if i drive normal im in 3rd in 15 feet. BUT--i have nitto drag radials on it--that first gear is amazing when i stomp on it. it doesnt really spin--just hooks real hard on good pavement.

    i just ordered the DiabloII programmer and the 2.80 pully. Diablo might not be the best---but ive heard of them, and know a few people that use it and love it. what am i looking at here---about 75hp increase with these 2 things combined?

    as for exauhst--theres a guy that i know that can make a better x-pipe than any of these premade companys. im gonna go that route. but what about mufflers? i love flowmasters because of the sound, but what have you all had good luck with? headers wil come at a later date(600 bucks is steep for headers)

    oh--and you should of seen the look on the ZO6 corvette i raced....and beat(i had better traction than him)............PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Be careful with the "Pre-Programmed" pullet tune that comes built-in standard with the Predator programmer. It's NOT all it's cracked up to be! You will still want to go to a tuner and have him build a custom tune for you based on wideband dyno data.

    No argument here that Flowmasters will give you that "Old Skool" sound so many people like, but they don't make the best power. The two most popular cat-back systems for the 03/04 Cobra's are the Magnaflow or Bassani systems. Either of these system are far superior to anything Flowmaster offers both in quality, durability, performance, and appearance.


    P.S. If you decide to go with a Magnaflow system be sure to check with the Pro3 folks right here on Stangnet. They will match or beat any advertised price on Magnaflow cat-back systems!