Hey all---Proud owner of a '03 Cobra

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  1. Hey guys sorry about the Andersen Powerpipe I don't quite know what I was thinking that's what i have on my car... Sorry about that. That's my fault listen to these guys, I was just listing some of the mods that I have to my car, and I forgot that i have a centrifugal charger not roots or screw. But I can say that Bassani is that way to go with exhaust, as far as cat-back. I hope everything works out..
  2. what wheels are these on my car? are they the 10th anniverrsery cobra wheels?
  3. Yes they are; a awesome looking wheel
  4. also--what does the stock boost gauge go to? mine goes to 16psi--i dont think this is stock....
  5. I don't think that it is either I believe that stock goes to 10psi you definatly have some aftermarket stuff on your car
  6. Stock gauge stops at 10psi. Does your gauge look like this?

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    Then what you have is a "Hilton" boost overlay. It's merely a piece of clear vinyl that is placed over the stock gauge once the stop pin is removed. They cost about $30 and can be installed in an an hour or two.


  7. thats it right there.....now why does the needle sit at zero, and hit 15 at about 4 grand? i have measured the pulley and its about 3.5 inches.....i think its stock too...maybe my gauge is messed up.....
  8. The stock pulley is 3.65 inches in diameter. You can get a variety of different sized upper pulleys though. It's also possible that your upper pulley is stock, but your lower crank pulley is not. There's more than one way to over-spin that blower! Try measuring the crank pulley and see what the diameter of it is.

    As for the needle on the boost gauge... the Eaton M112 supercharger has a "Boost Bypass" valve that is vacuum operated. This valve prevents the supercharger from creating boost until it reads a specific amount of vacuum. If you were to weld this bypass valve shut you'd be making boost all of the time and your gas mileage would be horrible. It would be hard on the engine too. The boost bypass valve knows when you mash on the throttle because there is a sudden decrease in manifold pressure. It closes the valve which in turn allows the Eaton to create boost as long as you keep your foot into it.

  9. You should locate a 03/04 cobra tuner in your area.. make sure they have alot of experience with these cars. Do it asap to find out what mods you REALLY have... who knows what was done to the car (and any maybe returned to stock). I'd also be concerned with warantee if there is a pulley and whether you were informed that it could be void when you bought it.

    You have a great car there... see my sig for my required mods and also consider a stage 3 Steg port job when you want more power.
  10. ok heres what i did today. i put a 2.76 pulley on it, idler pulley, upr cold air intake, ported throttle body and plenum, pro5.0 shifter, magnaflow exhaust(x-pipe and catback).

    umm---i used a predator tuner on it and loaded the program for the pulley and 91 octane gas. anyone think this will work? or do i need to get a custome tune? i really dont want to blow this thing up.

    and--umm its alot faster now. it didnt rip the tires off in 3rd gear before---now it does--with the drag radials.....
  11. nice nice nice very nice
  12. Where did you find a ported TB & plenum at? Any particular reason why you chose a UPR CAI? How are you able to acquire all of these mods/parts so quickly?

    If what you're telling us is true, then the answer is NO, the stock Predator tune is NOT good enough to handle that combo. You are almost assuredly running on the ragged edge as far as A/F is concerned. You need a custom tune ASAP.


  13. i bought all of this from the origional owner(except the cold air--got it from a guy i work with).

    and how did you know i worked on eglin?
  14. You have a PM!