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  1. hey everybody well i have a 93 lx stock 2.3l need some ideas for mods got new muffler and pipe i know i need to take off that stock converter.... and what purpose does taking off the air intake silencer off serve... besides not smoothing out the air ...... :shrug:
  2. yea ...was gonna do that and get rid of the stock converter hopefully that will be enough to satisfy me... lol yea right..... :lol:
  3. I didn't get to wild on my 93' LX exhaust but since It was falling apart I replaced the whole thing. I used the stock 2" diameter pipe with a high flow cat and a turbo muffler. Also I deleted the pre-cat, that one right up close to the mainifold. It's not to bad of a sound, but gets to close to a fart can sound for me. Also it also sounds like a exhaust leak without the pre-cat once your pass idle, but you have to turn the radio off to hear it. It may have lost a little on the low end but I have more fun now on the high end :D

    Now if you are looking for fun, get a Nitrous kit they got them on ebay for 254.99 its quick and will let you have some fun untill you get a turbo :D
  4. see i went to 2 1/4 pipe gonna do the same after i get a different cat.. hopefully wont lose too much by god there's not much to begin with anyway..lol i was thinkin bout nitrous maybe a 50 shot the only thing i hate bout that is u have to be selective on using it see im more of a stoplight to stoplight type thing i dont drive enough on the freeway to use high end....:)
  5. I'm not sure on the stop-light to stop-light that is kind of a ricer thing to me unless its atleast a 1/4 between lights :)

    Since I'm buying a SVO this weekend and I'm putting everything into getting it, so I'm just going to put a bottle on my N/A car. I figured 50-75 shot should allow me to still have fun ( that is like 160-185hp) in that car and not have a ton of cash tied up in them both. They got some pretty small sets on ebay like a 50 shot for like 230-250.00. They usualy come with a 1.4 lb bottle (like 4 hits), but you can buy a 5lb thats would last longer and is a little cheaper and easier to hide than the 10lb
  6. well Olympia is full of ricers...like supes up s-10's honda's u name it its here..i want low end torque...like right now under 2500 sucks above 2500 well its better... it probably wouldnt be soo bad with a manual but the car was in good shape and granny took good care of it.. interior is brand new looking thats y i got it it would just be nice to go around town and have some ummpf when i need it ... nitrous sounds good .. that would probably be the cheapest way to goo.. have u run nitro on a stock engine before will it handle 50 shot ..???and does anybody know if taking off the air silencer really helps ????
  7. Olpmpia hey, not a bad looking area to live :nice:

    I have never ran nitrous before, but everyone I've talk to said a stock motor will handle 50hp easy, just follow what it says to do. Maybe install a carb cut off switch this will cut the NOS off after you fire it( usualy at WOT). There Is a guy on here that is up to 150 I think, but I really don't think thats a good idea my self, 50-75 is not to bad and will work on a good few ricers. As for the air silencer I really don't know if it helps much I really just noticed more on the high end my self, but to get that kinda torque to like get a jump on ricers etc you would need something besides a CAI. Like a turbo or nitrous I would think and probly a T-5 wouldn't hurt either :)
  8. Nitrous, very simple to do. I have an EFI WET fogger kit from nitrous works. I started on the 50 shot with 91 octane gas, and autolite 103's (you NEED a colder than stock plug, its a must) no need to bother with timing or fuel pressure @ 50hp shot in my opinion. Later i moved to a 125hp shot, thats a big jump (both in stress on the internals and fuel system!) so i dropped in a 255lph fuel pump (took me like 2 hours (100$ for the pump) using basic tools and a jack) also i dropped the timing to 8* , just to be on the safe side. I went out for a few runs, and it went just fine, no detonation, no knocking (that i could hear). I did one run with 150hp shot, but it didnt lastlong due to me being out of nitrous (and no bottle warmer!) ...maybe someday ill go get it filled instead of dumping all my money into this turbo swap ;) oh yeah, this was on a stock bottom end @ 183,000 miles.
  9. :hail2: dang right on.....altho i probably wouldnt run it that high nice to know i can do that probably 75 shot will suffice...:) thx for all youre help .. everybody !...i told my dad i was thinking bout nitrous or turbo he's building a 55 chevy street rod with a ls1 and told me my first prob was its a ford and then he says ill just endup with turbo lag and it wont be sufficient... u know know i know c.h.e.v. really mean cheap.hideous escape vehicle....lol u know turbo and nitrous sounding better all the time :)