Hey Everyone, I need help please!

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  1. Hey everyone, I hope this is the right section to post this on but I am in need of help. I am the girlfriend of a member on this website and I am hoping to buy him something for his Mustang. He has a 2001 Mustang GT and it is a manual. I have about 150.00 dollars to spend his gift and I have no idea what to get him. I dont wanna put down too much but I know he has this much.
    4.10 gears
    a short "throw" shifter
    a cold air intake
    and everything but headers on his exhaust.

    He isn't into interior stuff except for maybe a new shifter nob or pedals, but I am worried that he may not like the style (you know how picky you can be :) ) of it so I want something that will help his car go faster instead. The only websites I know of are Steeda, Saleen and Mustangs Unlimited. I am ok with cars but I really dont know what the best would be, just need suggestions and where to find them.

    Sorry its so long, Thank you!!!! :flag:
  2. hmmm, for 150......maybe a larger TB....but that would also require some other things like injectors and MAF to really get the most out of it
  3. Well he already has the short throw shifter, and Id like to get something he can put on with out worrying about extra stuff. He told me some of the things to stay away from because of additionals parts and stuff like that. Thanks guys, keep em comming!!!!!
  4. Steeda underdrive pulleys. List price $169, but you should be able to get them for @$150. He can even add a timing adjuster (TA) later to add even more power. There are two versions with the difference being the 2001 mustang. Some 2001 take the older set and some take the newer set. I believe Steeda's site talks about the difference. These can be had from several places, but you can get them for $155 shipped.

    C&L upper intake (@ $180 shipped) but would also require a throttle body for full benefit.

  5. Here are just a few....

    Gift Certificate to get his car Detailed.

    Car Power Washer or Buffer

    On the performance side I think New Pullys are in your price range.

    Merry Christmas.......
  6. Give the gift of no rattles and squeaks from the car. Maximum Motorsports full-length subframe connectors. Powdercoated black for $149 @ http://maximummotorsports.com He'll have to have them installed though.
  7. ...

    I'd get him the subframe connectors or the detailing certificate.

    On a lighter note - you sound like an AWESOME girlfriend! Whoever you're dating, I hope he doesn't see this thread! :lol:

    Good Luck!
  8. If all else fails, get a gift certicicate to one of the sites you just mentioned and let him pick out what to get. :nice:
  9. sub frame connectors sound like a good choice to me. I have the griggs racing sfc's which are identical to the maximum motorsports ones and they're $89.95.


    Part number MFK 1000 L

    Any exhaust or performance shop should be able to install them for around $50 so that sounds like a perfect match to me! I love mine and it drives like a totally different car.

    OR you could buy him a set of rear end gears for about $150~$160 but he'll probably have to pay about $175~$200 to get them put in.

    Merry Christmas and you sound like an awesome GF. I have no idea what my GF is getting me but she says the car club guys will be jealous. I've got my fingers crossed on a S-281 spoiler but regardless, I can't wait!
  10. :stupid: and still would have some change to play with.
  11. Thanks for all the replies guys! Thanks for the compliments too! I know he is crazy about Mustang and as the occupant of the passenger seat Im kinda attached too hehe. When I asked him about the Timing Adjuster a while ago (been looking at steeda for a while), he said that as far as he knew he would have to run higher priced gas and I know he hates getting gas as it is so im not sure about that. Is it possible to get a few horse power without having to run the higher gas or is that bad? Thank you guys!!!
  12. Hmmm, how 'bout a little trip to Victoria's Secret? :p

    But, if you HAVE to get something for the stang, the pullies sound good or even a STEEDA timing adjuster :shrug:
  13. they rule

  14. Wish my GF would get me something for my car...
  15. If I had a girlfriend like her I would marry her ASAP !!! Great going mandah wish there was more girls like you out there. Wish my girlfriend tought about cars like you do. She griped at me for 4 hours about buying my K&N Filter the other day. BTW is it cold in ATL? I live in northwest GA and its 32 degrees already.....But forreal get him the steeda pullies and he should be more than happy. Good Luck
  16. heheheheh ManDah=Amanda....I just got it :)
  17. I gotta go with the pulleys. After the pulleys were installed on mine, I picked up 6 peak hp but had gains across the power band as high as 15 hp.

    This is a very thoughtful thing you're doing. imo.