hey fellers

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  1. well first off this is my first post. but im for sure not new to online forums. member and solid poster on like 5. haha cant even remember.

    but sadly i dont have a mustang. but sometime in the future i will. and im gonna drop a built 302 into it.

    but i do have 2 awesome Ford trucks.

    one is a 92 F150 Flareside and it has a 351W, E4OD, 8.8" rear w/4.10 and detroit Locker. 305k miles on the truck and 230k on the motor. its just a stock 351W. unlike the other truck


    the second is a 88 F150. has a built and cammed 351W HO out of a 84 in it. converted to EFI. C6 tranny. and crappy 3.08 LS gear in the rear. soon to be 3.73 LS.

  2. welcome to SN! gotta ask, why only through a built 302 in a stang? why not at least, 347stroker or even better, a stroked 351w.....383,393,408ect would make for one bad ass stang no matter what year!
  3. well im leaving the door open for any of those options. but im looking at just a 302.
  4. Welcome to the forums, Cris. Very nice looking flareside you have. Are you the original owner?
  5. no cant be. haha its only 1 year younger than i am. bhaaha i bought it in January of 09. but i know every inch of all of the history. i know the 3 previous owners.
  6. welp im gonna be on here pretty often probably. Selling the white 88 F150 to get a 99 V6 Mustang. pretty nice car... heres the ad.... Mustang
  7. I would suggest waiting until you can find a v8 as that will increase the fun factor.
  8. would but need the car for my fiance to drive for work. shes getting transferred to a location 40 minutes away.