35th Anniv Hey guys, found some 35th Anniversary rims for sale

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  1. sold to me :D
  2. glad to hear it!
  3. More 35th Rims for sale

    Hey guys,

    Just found some more rims for sale if you're interested...

    Mustang Rims and Tires
  4. I have a set of the 35th anniversary gt rims for sale.
  5. Let us see some pics and description of them. You might move them here.
  6. $200 a piece o.b.o. That includes tire and rim. Shipping is seperate.
  7. I have 6 total put up in the Garage, that I am not actively looking to sell. But, I would part with two of them (with center caps) if any of you 35th guys needed them. There is zero curb rash on any of them. PM or e-mail if you were to damage one or be interested
  8. All of mine are now SOLD
  9. I have a set for sale for 500 with tires or if I get a decent offer that's whT they look like on car

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  10. Yikes. That "Limited Edition" GT needs some attention.
  11. Yes it did already begun giving it a transformation I picked her up like that but have done a lot of work to make her look as it does now

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  12. Much better. I have to ask. What made you decide to change the LE hood? LE Wheels?
  13. Well I love the cobra terminator hood and I think it looks great on there and those bullit rims are beautiful love the look the back ones are 315 wide so they grab on to the road pretty well over all I would say just preference on looks I also loved the roush stage 3 spoiler I think is one of the nicest ones for those cars and well I got all these items at bargain prices too good to pass