Hey guys, i need some cam help on my 74 maverick


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May 14, 2010
Getting ready for an engine swap in my 74 maverick and was wondering about the b cam and e cam.

My motor (87 truck roller motor( or so it clames E7TE on block))
will consist of:

flat top pistons with valve reliefs
e7 heads 3 angle valve job and milled
comp cam springs
edelbrock performer rpm intake

What would be the better cam for my setup?

Plan for the car is 3 days a week to college
and mabey a few passes on the drag strip.
Looking for something that gives me great acceleration and has a big cam sound:D

I know the b cam is a definate way to go but the e cam sounds a little bit better, which cam should i get? Would the e cam be too much for my setup?
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New Member
May 14, 2010
C4 trans 3 speed auto
2.79 gears 8 inch (soon to be 3.25 trac loc 9 inch)
long tube headers open to glasspacks 3 inch
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