Hey guys, i need some cam help on my 74 maverick

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by Maverickman, May 14, 2010.

  1. Getting ready for an engine swap in my 74 maverick and was wondering about the b cam and e cam.

    My motor (87 truck roller motor( or so it clames E7TE on block))
    will consist of:

    flat top pistons with valve reliefs
    e7 heads 3 angle valve job and milled
    comp cam springs
    edelbrock performer rpm intake

    What would be the better cam for my setup?

    Plan for the car is 3 days a week to college
    and mabey a few passes on the drag strip.
    Looking for something that gives me great acceleration and has a big cam sound:D

    I know the b cam is a definate way to go but the e cam sounds a little bit better, which cam should i get? Would the e cam be too much for my setup?
  2. C4 trans 3 speed auto
    2.79 gears 8 inch (soon to be 3.25 trac loc 9 inch)
    long tube headers open to glasspacks 3 inch