Hey Guys, Try Again???

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  1. The semi-plan of everyone coming to a central location for my birthday was mulled around but never had anything done with it. I graduate June 11th and leave high school behind. Mayhaps some time in mid to late June we could work out a late graduation celebration/closet reunion meet?

    As for location, I know Factory Five was mentioned last time, or if there's another place that's close by, throw it on as a suggestion.
    It'd be awesome if everyone lived a bit further south near us so that we could all go to Dorney Park! XD

    So, maybe? Yes? No?

    PS: Haha, doing this in English class...
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  2. Great!

    My daughter is goofing off in school, and promoting it here.....
  3. Haha, yes daddy. But again we don't have an English teacher and no English class so we all have lap tops and are just messing around on them.
  4. geez, ya'll have some quick response times! :D
  5. That's because Dan was goofing off at work and was able to immediately notice that Dee was goofing off at school. :lol:

    At the time these two were picking at each other; I was standing out in a sandstorm (in 97* temps - already at 9:30 AM) trying not not get blown out of my terminal box and into the middle of Highway 95!
  6. and once again the BBFCM comes lumbering out of the blocks at a blistering snail's pace!:doh:
  7. Did dad tell anyone about the Prom plans?
  8. I hope it includes a limo w/ DD, not that ANY of you kids should be drinking!:nono:
  9. Nopes, I opted out of the limo for a much better plan.
  10. Private jet to Aruba?:scratch:
  11. Alright, here's the master plan:

    Dad will suit up in his racing suit, gloves, sunglasses, and helmet and drive me up to the prom. He'll get out without saying a word and be the mysterious racer. Then drive home, of course. I told him he should be in my prom picture like that. XD
  12. Will he have a big X on the front of his helmet?:D
  13. Sounds like Racer X doesn't it? XDD Though I'd rather Speed.
  14. Speed Racer your Dad ain't, he's more "Crash Cargoe":rlaugh:
  15. Yes, if only...

    But dad is dad and we luuuurvv him soooo much. Senior poopy face had me worried because he had to have an Endoscopy and found his Hiedal (sp???) hernia was back.
  16. So Senor Poopyface has a hiatal hernia from too many jalapenois?:scratch:
  17. He got one a long while back from drinking when he was in his 20s. Then about mid November of last year, he started getting bad heartburn and it didn't go away. Then he puked up some blood and went to the hospital for the Endoscopy yesterday.
  18. That sounds more like an ulcer than a hiatal hernia. Hiatal hernias don't "go away" without surgery.
  19. I has no idea. That's what he told me. Prod him about it.
  20. Ooooh! That could hurt!:stick: