Hey Guys, Try Again???

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  1. I knew it! I read the last few posts before supper; but didn't reply until afterwards and after the Boy Scout meeting. Something told me, with the direction this thread was taking; Deanna was going to set you up for the first bad pun. And I had such a good one, too :nonono:

    Oh well; Dee did your lead-in; I'm still gonna let you do mine!

    Maybe it just went on "hiatus"? :shrug:


    Now, on to the whole "Poopy-face Speed-Racer Limo Driver" idea.....
    Personally, I"m liking it! :nice: Be even better if, instead of a limo; he drove you guys to the Prom in Cobrask8! :nice:

    Okay, Fritz, I've laid the groundwork; now if you'll just give me the lead-in, I'll close it with the punch-line. :p
  2. What's Sener Poopyface ala Racer X supposed to do, stuff the Prom-goers in Cobrask8's trunk?:shrug:
  3. No! Cobrask8 is a two-seater; so Deanna can ride shotgun with her chauffer..... only her date will have to ride in the trunk! :rolleyes:


    Oh, he'll be okay back there!
    Just give him a blanket so his tux doesn't get all dusty and messy - don't need for him to be embarrassing his date!

  4. In his "monkey" suit!:rlaugh:

    Oh yes we do!

    Oooops, my bad....THAT'S Dan's job!:rlaugh:

  5. Jeez!

    Go in the hospital for ONE day, and you all are running amok!

    Prom delivery is in the Cobra. Since Dee is currently boyfriend-less, she'll arrive in style, noticed by all, and I'll "ham" it up as best I can! We'll get pics.

    As for my insides, Yes, it never goes away, just bothers less. So, for now, livin' the healthy life, no booze, italian food, or my other favorites.

  6. So Dan, did you opt for the comprehensive endoscopy package? That's where they do both ends at once.:D

    On a serious note, at our age, ahving a colonoscopy done every three to five years is a good idea.:nice:

    Oh and teenage daughter's have been known to aggravate hiatal hernias too!:D
  7. Ja, dad said it. No prom date for me, but I'm going all the same to have fun and hang out with my friends that are going.
  8. My brother is girlfriend-less and yet he took two girls to prom last weekend.

    I somehow think this was partly to make up for me not going to mine which was mostly a result of the combination of my inability to dance, my not knowing any women who didn't hate me (something that continues to this day after my last GF decided to leave me for her camera, and no, I'm not joking :nice: ), my not believing in proms (they're against my religion) my not caring to spend money on a prom and my overall disdain for people in general....and yeah and my being a @$$#0|3. Or it could have just been that he knew two hot girls that didn't mine splitting the evening with him.
  9. It is of great comfort to know as I enter my senior years of life, that our future world leaders are getting the best possible education available in our public school systems. That their young minds are so greatly challenged, to educate and prepare them for the future, that they have no time to get bored and thus get into mischief.

    :rlaugh: sorry, i couldn't keep a straight face!:rlaugh:
  10. Yeah, scarey, ain't it?

    On the other hand; it is gratifying to know that amongst our friends, we can count young adults posessing mental and moral acuity that far surpasses that of their peers. We truly are amongst future leaders who have the talent and drive to excel amongst others and lead them into the future.

    Sounds pompous pretty doggone true! :nice:
  11. Whoa! Slow down thar fer a minute pardner, I need to find my hip boots and shovel, the equine and bovine by-products are gettin a might deep!:rlaugh:
  12. But at least I do semi-productive things when I'm bored... Unlike many of my peers who just ruin themselves.
  13. oh ya, like hanging out on SN when you should be paying attention in class is real productive!:rolleyes:
  14. Haha, but I was home when I posted that, Uncle BBFCM. Honest and for true!
  15. And people wonder why I'm planning an exit strategy.
  16. Oh, so in other words, you were playing hooky!:nonono:
  17. This disturbing negative attitude seems to be a prevailing theme with the younger generation. My 21 year old son has uttered those exact words.
  18. Deal with enough people and you may understand it. :) I won't hijack the thread any further, but I didn't start out with that point of view and to call it disturbingly negative...eh might be going to far.
  19. Waitaminute; skywalker has a negative view of people in general; Dee has much the same view of her peers.........

    :scratch: :scratch: :scratch: ............. :jaw:


    Dan, you might wanna start going :eek: :eek: :eek: now.