1. Hey, I'm patrick. New to the forum. I have a 98 mustang gt. Mods include cold air intake, throttle body, long tubes, off road h pipe, American thunder cat back, steeda tri ax short throw, 3.73s and full msd ignition on the way. For now I'm ok with those go fast goodies. Appearance is next. I was curious as to what wheels and tires I can run without rubbing issues. And also how low can I go with the car with different wheels and tires? Any help is appreciated!
  2. I have played things on the safe side with my drop. Just used a set of Ford Racing C springs. With those springs I put on 18x9 front and 18x10.5 rear wheels. I'm running 275/35 front tires and a 295/35 rears. I know I could easily fit a 315 rear tire if I choose. No rub in the wheel wells and enough suspension travel to handle most potholes in this urban hellhole I live in. I don't have my rear fenders rolled either.

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  3. Im lowered about 2" with longtubes and I scrape on everything (no rubbing though). But I couldn't care less. A scratched up mid pipe doesn't concern me. I've HUGE 315 drag radials out back and 275's up front.

    Personally, Mustangs look fkn killer as low as possible.
  4. I agree with them looking awesome as low as possible! Haha what size wheels are you running to use a tire that size?
  5. Thanks for the heads up on your wheel size mattstang04. I was curious if a 10.5 would fit without issue
  6. 17x10.5
  7. Just a point of reference, this is how mines sitting. I love the 18s, it would look a little better if lowered a bit more. Its good enough for me though. 20140211_124838.jpg
  8. Gorgeous car!
  9. I would go with the Blistein HDs struts and their shocks, and I would get the Eibach lowering springs. That is a perfect stance and they will still support 18X9s front and 18X10s back. Rolling in a 275/35-18 front and 295/35-18 back.. No regrets and beautiful handling.
    Front Struts - V36-4138-H5… Rear shocks Shocks - BE5-6418-H4

  10. I sometimes wish I went with silver FR's instead of anthracite. So clean!
  11. I will likely get them painted goldish/beige to match the stripes eventually, like the original Bullitts. But I do like the silver in the mean time. Almost went with the anthracites. American Muscles anthracite seems pretty close to silver.
  12. I've wondered how my rims would look if they were hydrodipped in something like carbon fiber
  13. I had Steeda springs on my old 96. Dropped it about an inch and a half.