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  1. I used to come here in the past then life got in the way...I came back to log in and I must of had a differant email..or in my old age forgot my screen name and all the other stuff...anyway hello again...I own a 2006 Mustang GT...and been a Ford guy forever..10 years as a Ford sevice advisor..anyway can anyone lead me to rules on posting..or restrictions on ads...Im unfortuunatlry going to have to sell mine and would love for a Mustang aficionado to own her.....let me know..and hello again

  2. Hiya... and welcome back.

    You can find the guidelines for the classifieds here:


    Once you're familiar with that, go here:


    Scroll down to the classifieds section and click on the generation you're looking for and the sub-forums should be self-explanatory.

    Hit me up if you have questions.

    If you plan to stick around for a while and would like to regain possession of your old account, let me know. I can help with that so long as you're able to provide enough information about it that I'm convinced it belongs to you.

    Let me know if you'd like help in that area as well.

  3. Thanks...yeah I don't think I could even remember to get you the details...I used to be a lurker here with occasional post...I plan to stick around even after I sell...there is great info here and some rad projects...The Boss (wife) says before anymore toys...the Mustang has to go...I really want someone to have her that will appreciate her...(the car..not the wife...lol)

  4. Hmmmm... I think we can help you.

    We do occasionally run knowledge/in-service classes specifically for the spouses. It's an effort by members of the Stangnet community to teach them those skills that they've forgotten or lost over time. It also includes a lecture for you. It's a two-fold system that's proven effective with many of our members.

    It works something like this:

    We use a slide show and lots of instructional video to re-teach them how to do the dishes, laundry, vacuum, and make a good sammich. OBVIOUSLY they've forgotten these skills, because if they were doing what they were initially designed to do, then they wouldn't have enough time in the day to think about, much less give ultimatums about those things they're incapable of understanding. In this particular case, it's cars.

    Luckily for you, you've come to us before it's too late. If you had waited any longer, your Stang would be gone and you'd be in the kitchen... wearing a robe... cooking something... and maybe even contemplating, the pile of dirty laundry stacking up down the hall.

    Depending on how far gone she is, you may even require a STANGNET DOMESTIC SKILLS INTERVENTION.

    Here's a test to help us gauge how far gone she is: The next time she mentions the removal of one of your hobbies or the sale of the Mustang... Ask her if she remembers why women are born with small feet.

    Post her reply here and we'll begin to assess the steps necessary for her recovery. :nice:
  5. When did the robe become available?
    It could have kept the jalpeno juice off my junk!

  6. What are the chances? Juss sayin. :nonono:
  7. Take her to a musical.
  8. Just piitb and she will change her ways
  9. Why does the car have to be sold? Is it a space issue, or a money issue? If it's a money issue, what is she willing to give up in order to help? Also, in order to be fair, we need bikini pics in order to more accurately assess the situation.

    :welcome: back.
  10. how about trying to get rid of the wife, keep the stang :shrug::banana:
  11. :chin

    Ya know... this may be cheaper in the long run.
  12. I replaced my wife with a Stang.
  13. We're so proud... I promised myself I wouldn't cry. :cry:

    Sickboy... you can be one of our success stories too. :nice: Just follow these simple steps.
  14. haha at :lol: thread. Maybe he used up his alotted internet time............. j/k

    Welcome back to Stangnet man, as you know we love to have fun around here
  15. I like the idea of her giving up something if you have to sell the stang.

    She can give up dat azz