Hey! It's hot out there!!!!!

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  1. What say we put about 100lbs of cubed ice and some Tequila Sunrises into the gutter and have a refreshing gutter party??? Anybody seen Suzi?
    Chelle, can you dig out the swim togs for the Closet-Keeper Chick (and her blonde sister)? :D
  2. What? It was 70* at 3:00 today (really, really odd summer here).

  3. 70 Degrees??????? Jeeeeeze! How about I send you half the difference between your temp and my temp today - that way we'd both be at 91.5* :rolleyes:

    Hmmmmmmm.....Nurse-Chick in a bikini

    Ahhhh, there I go again. Bad StangDreamin'. BAD! :nonono:
  4. Ya.....it's hot in here too.....was running a 101.2 earlier.........:p
  5. Well, let's get that 200 lbs of cubes in the gutter, and you dive in to break that fever!
  6. But my 91.5* would feel a lot hotter than your 91.5* because of the humidity.

  7. :lol: There you go with that Humidity thing, :rolleyes:
    At least you get to sweat some to help cool off,
    Here the Sun is so hot we just Sizzle. :D

  8. What are you, a bear or bacon?:D

  9. OK peeps, time to chime in here. We are in the 60's most days with 20% humidity and frost most nights. I love it.
  10. My BOLOGNA has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R, my BOLOGNA has a second name it's M-A-Y-E-R. yadda yadda yadda and if you ask me then I'll say Pabear is great at B-O-L-O-G-N-A!

    Sorry, I've been in that dry heat. I'd KILL for a dry heat. Instead...I'm in Hotlanta where Hurricane Charley has thankfully cooled us off for a couple of days. However a week ago I was drenched if I stepped outside for more than 5 minutes.
  11. Ya, and you're also suffering from hypoxemia!:D;)
  12. Dry heat is definitely better than humid. When I lived in Idaho, it was 104* but dry and I was fine going out side and walking around. Granted it was hot, but it was bearable. Here, if it's 104* with just a 50% humidity, the heat index would be somewhere around 130* and you wouldn't even want to stand in front of an open window.

  13. yeah, well, 115* never stopped me from wrenching on my rig and Cougar. Sorry, slipped into Bronco talk. I meant the Bronco and Cougar.

  14. A heat index of 115 with 25% humidity is alot worse than 115 with 5% humidity. If you've never lived in an extremely humid place you wouldn't understand it.
  15. Okay, one thing I neglected to mention..... yesterday (along with the 113*), we had two storms blow in from opposite directions - one from the east (off the Gulf of Mexico and through New Mexico) and one from the south (off the Gulf of California). They met over the northeastern corner of Yuma. According to the doppler radar, it was raining like crazy. Unfortunately, with the 113* heat trapped under the cloud layer (that's called an "inversion layer"); the rain evaporated about 200' off the ground on which I was working. Don't even talk to me about humidity!

    Still Dreamin'
  16. Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Storms blew down many telephone/power poles and lines. Was a very busy overtime day!

    EDIT: While we're at it; reference NoKitten's avatar. I'm betting that, during the 113* period of yesterday; NK's body had displaced Latigo the Wonder Puppy on that (NK calls it his) couch! :rlaugh:
  17. SD, I have two words: Parris Island. That is all I need to say for my authority on humidity. :D
  18. Three words: Aberdeen Proving Grounds. For the uninformed and/or members of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children; that's an Army facility not far enough off the seaboard in Maryland. (Think "continuous winds off the ocean, regardless of the season").
    Add two more words: Late August. Four more words: Been there, done that.

    Nothing like a Sonoran Desert monsoon. Humidity is the same; temps are usually much lower Back East.

    Skywalker; if you've ever been to MCAS-Yuma; you obviously weren't here in August. If you've been here for WTI; that's late February through May -during what most visitors call the nice part of the year.

    Still Dreamin'
  19. I was there during the nice part of the year. The temps only hit about 90 and averaged 85. I had to make a pit stop in El Horno (area of Pendleton known for its hideous heat, other areas, such as the air station, are very cold) last year and it's truly deserving of its name. If Yuma is worse than that in August, it's gotta be bad. But I'd still rather be there than here in the peak of summer. I will take dry heat over this humidity anytime of year. Good point about the desert monsoons though, not something I had thought about.

    I've never been to Aberdeen, but I knew what it was and where. :D

    BTW, Parris Island is in pretty much the same situation. The swamp that covers most of the exterior of the island doesn't help much either.