Hey! It's hot out there!!!!!

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  1. Interesting you should mention "El Horno". I'd never heard of it; but the Sales/Marketing/Community Involvement guy that our company hired actually moved here when he retired out of his last post - as SSM* at Pendleton. He'd been posted here a couple of times (MAWTS-1 and the old 2nd LAAMB; knows a few of my Jaycee buddies from the Corps); and the other day he saying that the climate was often nicer here than in some parts of Pendleton - except for last week!. He obviously spent waaaaaayyy too much of his hitch in offices if he thought last week was out of the ordinary - it had only gotten up to 118* before the storms blew in Thursday night :rolleyes:

    Still Dreamin'

    EDIT: Hijacking the thread back! :D I've got the ice dumped in the gutter and the blue fuzz vacuumed off the beach. Couldn't find enough grenadine for a gutter-sized Tequila Sunrise; but a truck just dropped off 1000 gallons of Lime Juice and 100 lbs of salt! Anyone for a swim in a big margarita? :nice:
  2. El Horno if you don't know, is the spanish term for "The oven."

    He isn't far off. Certain land scape features at pendleton just trap in heat and humidity. Pendleton is weird in that different areas of such a relatively small landscape are drastically different in climate. When I was at the air station, we froze our nuts off most of the time. At San Onofre and Horno, we broiled (particularly at Horno.)

    One problem we have here in Georgia is the swings. The temperature can change so drastically from day to day (especially in spring and fall) that you have zero time to aclimitize and it feels hotter or colder than it actually is.

    I could use a nice magarita myself! Heck, I'd take straight shots of tequila. Can I join in the fun?

  3. May I suggest a shower first, I doubt StDr and BBFCM really want all that extra grease and sweat in the Jumbo Margarita. Me, personally, I'm going to go hang with the rednecks on FSB.com. Enough NorWesters to keep the place cool.

  4. Grease is right. I'm convinced someone put loctite on my old u-bolts and intentionally rubbed an entire can of grease across my rear axle (no, no leaking...just built up crime.)
  5. BAH! You complainers know not the horrors of weather. I had to deal with an ocean breeze that was less the 7 mph today. Man, was that rough
  6. gp001: shaddup you beautiful weather having freak! :D

    Does it EVER rain there btw?
  7. don't know why all of yas complaining its hot, on wendsday in fargo the high temp broke a record low
  8. probably has somethighn to do with us living closer to the equator.

  9. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    May the fleas of 10,000 monkeys infest your body hair!

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  10. It only rains when we need the sidewalks washed
    :D :D
  11. NEVER!!! My wife owns a pet grooming / pet supply shop and would never allow me to have fleas. A quick bath and some Advantage and I would be set ;) p)
  12. Back to the start of this thread, I was in Suzi's neck of the woods this last weekend, even e-mailed & PM'ed her, but no response.

    Yes, it's been a lousy summer! 50 pounds of ice in the gutter, and get that blender whirrin'!!!!!
  13. And what was your first clue that this summer was a total _________?:scratch:
  14. Bummer :notnice:

    Not even close! Try 200lbs of ice, 1000 gallons of lime juice and 215 cases of cheap tequila - all in the gutter! Blender? We don' need no schtinkin' BLENDER!!!! Got an 85-horse Evinrude fired up and I'm mixing away! :nice:

    Just gotta climb out and sober up :puke: Thursday; 'cause I'm draggin' 1/2NK and Chance the Wonder Pony up to a rodeo in Payson, AZ on Friday morning!

    Still Dreamin'
  15. Just as long as there are a few Cold Corona's for me!

    Idea: At next year's SAAC convention at Fontana, any one of you derelicts meets me there, drinks on me!
  16. Eeeeeeeeeew! I'd rather have a glass!
  17. :nice: Bring a FAT Wallet, It's only an 1 hr drive for me. :D

    And I will bring My own Glass.

  18. You know we are all gonna print out this page and show up REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL thirsty :)
  19. Okay, but only if you get to them before I do!


    Ooo! Ooo! I just had an idea! Since ol' football-boy is waylaying my attempt to scam a ride off Oboe; I've come up with another plan! Cheapie, can you lay hands on a pre-convention flyer? If it can get to me, I can burn a couple color copies. Take one to my 4-blocks-away neighbor (with the restored RED KR 'vert); get Mrs StDr to strategically leave one in the Surgery lounge at the hospital so the Doc gets an idea to take his ORIGINAL GREEN one!!! You said you'd like to see an original, right? :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:

    Still Dreamin'
  20. Don't count me out! I'd love to go back to cali and visit some of my buds out there. Hope you like liquor.