Hey Mansonozz check this out!

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    This pic doesn't do this car justice. Its an 89gt and you name it its polished. It goes to local car shows and it just a museum piece. Inner fenders and firewall are polished stainless. Springs, k-member, steering, sway bars, control arms, and rear end are chrome plated. Under car is fully detailed including a polished TKO trans. Now i wouldn't want it but its georgeous. It always shows up in an enclosed trailer and then it is pushed into its spot. I'm not shure it even runs!

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  2. The IAC looks like chit
  3. Just a bad camera angle its polished also.
  4. That sure is somethin', but way overdone IMO. I know that sounds funny coming from me, but... :shrug:
  5. Sometimes too much IS too much, but everyone needs to enjoy the hobby the way they see fit. Dave may not drive his much, but I know he does drive it.
  6. Dirt or not, I wouldn't let that stop me from going as far as I wanted ;) Well, maybe the undercarriage but that's it.

    Tough to tell from the pics but it looks like the actual execution of polished 'everything' wasn't done the way (I feel) it should've been. It appears he made his own inner strut towers or covers, and they're square and don't flow with everything :shrug: Considering one would go that far with it, why not go the extra mile and make things look like they're supposed to be there. Kinda contrasts badly against the body paint.

    Again just my opinion and I'm voicing it :) I like it, but I can name 5 off the top of my head (almost stock, forced347, forced's friend, tstang90, bottlfed) that I think are completely in another league of clean. "Clean" in the sense of execution, not in the "how much surface can i make shiny" sense ;) Big difference. Too many add ons just ends up bordering on the line of tacky.

    Anyway, thanx for posting those for us to check out. I like looking at everything everyone is doing. Any pics of the rest of the car? FWIW, I like yours better than his, too.
  7. Add...stang22! Tim may be out of country but still should be on that list IMO.
  8. That's waaaayyy over done imo. Dman's, mansonozz's, and trueblue's (as well as a few others on here) cars are tastefully done, with a good amount of polished parts, and it looks good, even though it's not my style. This car though, just looks tacky. On top of that, the fact that he doesn't drive it makes me want to kick him in the head. His super duper rare 5.0 Mustang GT might get dust on it :rolleyes:
  9. Oh hell yea, Tim's is tops! I said 5 and those popped into my head in about half a second, so I just stopped there.

    Here's one I saw at the MCA's last year. Like it or not you can't argue this car was unbelievably detailed (the undercarriage was mint, the bottom of the engine was like the top, etc.) However, to me it was just completely tacky. Red wire loom everywhere possible and stitched running Ponies about 20 times over.





    If you couldn't tell, it's a 5.0 Mustang :rlaugh:
  10. Oh I didn't mind the engine bay..actually liked the car untill I scrolled to the interior pics...damn.
  11. The engine bay is fine other than the loom I think. It just draws attention directly to it. Why's that bad? #1 detracts from all the real intricate work done everywhere else, and #2 which is just my opinion, is that it looks cheap. Tough to notice from those pics but every fastener/rivet/screw around the engine bay was replaced with a polished or chrome one. That to me also took away from the other great detailing work. Just another case of too much is too much.

    I really like the black plastic covers that are behind the headlights though. That's the perfect example of an obviously-updated-yet-subtle modification that I always like so much :nice:
  12. It must suck to be that guy. He can't even enjoy the car. He's a slave to the polishing compound and a cloth. Not my cup of tea.

    I appreciate a detailed car and polishing and I've seen Dave's car in person. It IS the bomb.:nice: However, when you get into polishing your transmission, undercarriage and suspension, that's a little much. These cars were meant to drive and enjoy. If you can't do that, you're losing the entire reason why these cars are so damn popular.

    I toyed with the idea of making mine a polished, buffed, impeccable example of a fox body, but then I decided that if I were going to drive it EVERYWHERE and race it, I wouldn't enjoy it as much. I'm glad I chose paint and clearcoats over polishing.

    Everyone is different in their approach to deciding what's the best course of customization for their cars, but I think that we can all agree that the car in question, is totally over the top.

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  13. Thanks Peter :nice: It was in top form at FFW, so if you haven't seen it in a while, then... ;)

    While for most of us there's a line between what's great and what's too much, I still admire the ones who can take it beyond what we think is obsessed and still make it look good. The only thing is, there's another fine line between impressive/tasteful and just too much for the sake of too much. Most ricers are like that in the way they do their thing too. I can dig a car for what it is, but if there's no rhyme or reason or 'method to the madness', it loses all of its would-be greatness. :shrug:

    I know a couple cars that have been meticulously detailed from head to toe which I love, it's all in how so.
  14. Most everything on the engine is plated. Trans and fuel lines are polished under car. I'm guessing he doesn't do any of his own work cause he shows the car with a list of everything done and receipts in the hatch area. He can never sell this car he has over 100k into it. Thats just plain wrong!
  15. Plating and polishing (at least plating) is usually a sourced job, nothin to get down on him about. :shrug:
  16. one word three letters............................................. ILL
  17. Although, extremely shiny, I prefer a less cluttered look. This guy looks to have done a fabulous job of polishing or plating every part in the bay. But, from that angle, it's just too much for me.
    As mentioned before, though, to each, their own. If all our cars looked the same, it'd be a boring hobby, wouldn't it. I'm sure when he pop's the hood at a local meet, he gets a croud. LOL.
  18. Wire looms are evil!

  19. Yes I agree, Tim. That's teh tackiest part of that bay, I think.