hey MSP i orderd exhaust parts

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  1. Most muffler shops have hangers that they use.. Make sure they weld the hanger to the muffler, or else it may break when going into and out of steep driveways.
  2. Gotcha. It happens tomorrow, I'm so psyched :).
  3. I finally got it done, and I love it :). Sounds Great.

    Video and pic

    Video- Click here to watch fggsgsd

    I'll Tach it up a bit when i get somewhere where people won't complain.

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  4. That sounds great. What exactly is this again? Nice job cutting out the bumper also.
  5. Well done!!! Looks and sounds great. :nice:

  6. Sweet!! Looks and sounds good!! :nice: How is the sound while your driving? Does it get a real deep tone?
  7. Really deep. My friend was in the car and was telling me how he liked how it "growled" in the cab :).

    I was kind of worried that i might wind up with the weedwhacker sound of the imports, but I'm VERY happy with the tone and the performance.
  8. Any of you guys painted the mufflers black while leaving the chrome tip, similar to the flowmasters, in order to sort of hide the fact that the mufflers are at the rear of the car?
  9. no but i painted everything else

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  10. I had the stock muffler painted flat black for a bit. I rather like being able to see the duals.
  11. Is that heart legal on your liscence plate? Looks good btw!
  12. yea its part of the vanity plate :)
  13. True Duals

    I am very impressed by what you gentlemen have done with your cars!! It is truly inspiring!

    I have a 2006 V6 Pony Package and wanted to put the JBA true duals in (as well as put in some new headers and CAI). My question is this; the JBA true duals (which are not Y pipe cosmetic duals) are almost $600. Where did you get the GT takeoffs, and how much did they cost? Should I just replace the rear valance with a GT one? And what difference does an H or X-pipe make? Is it okay to just go with the duals (JBA or GT takeoff) or do I need an H or X pipe?

    By the way, I am sure that everyone here knows about this site, but I will add a link anyway:

  14. gt takoffs - casco 100 bucks shipped
    x pipe 100 bucks shipped
    left pipe and brackets from ford 140 bucks
    install at muffler shop 125 bucks (he used clamps so the pipes can be removed) so it was a little more

    dremel the rear end 200 bucks for therapy afterwards! just kidding

    so roughly around 475.00 total the sound and performance plus my tune and CAI is great. i mean the AFE draws twice the air as the stock air box so now my car can realy breath!
  15. Nice job Afixer. Hey, did you put a SCT emblem on your ride? What the emblem on the left say.
  16. Racing Stripes

    Hey, Afixer, that is a great result for little money. Perhaps I should exercise patience and shop around a little, then, instead of wanting one stop shopping and everything NOW!!! By the way, where did you get your racing stripes done? They look awseome!
  17. yea the emblem cam with my tuner. and as for the stripes they are the grafics express 12 full kit and i put them on 2 weeks after i got the car. took all day. thanks. i am going to my friends to rack the car right now ill take better pics.
  18. oh yea BTW thanks to MSP and everyone for the info and insperation to do this! I love it! im glad i cut instead of putting on a gt bumper.
  19. Sure thing!

    -Zo-"Use the box cutter!!"-diac