Hey, Mustanggurl.......

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  1. Was poking around in myspace.com (checking out NoKittens' and 1/2's pages); and I came across something.....

    Do you have an electric guitar in the corner of your room?

    Just checking......
  2. Stalk much? :rlaugh:
  3. Got Milk?
  4. haha oh geez i like that burn pic.
  5. Okay, I guess I earned that one; although I'm thinking s-codes new nickname is "Hyde" and kk is now "krash kelso" :rlaugh:

    Meanwhile; I was actually at NoKitten's myspace site; and one of the people in his "friends" group is a female about Deanna's age who had mentioned Stangnet. That person has an electric guitar in a stand, up against a wall. So, I thought I was putting two and two together. :rolleyes:
  6. You would be correct on that. It is Deanna's page. I was bored and IM'd her about it.

  7. Bass Guitar.

    Hmmmmm..... back to this stalking thing..............
  8. Now now, let's not insult the instrument...The correct term would be electric bass.

  9. Put down the shovel......the Gutter is already deep enough!:p
  10. When D comes home from school, I'll have her jump in here!

  11. Nice!.........Throwing your own daughter out into the Gutter like that!:nonono:
  12. Well, if she would clean her room, maybe I could be a little nicer............
  13. When she's done cleaning her room, send her my way, I'll pay her cash $$$ to clean my house!:eek:

  14. So you're saying your house is ready to give up Jimmy Hoffa?
  15. Hey, it's MustangGurl, Stangnet is being evil and won't log dad out, so I'll just have to tarnish his good name.

    Yesh, that is my bass guitar. I've been playing for four years or so... coming close on five.

    And I thought I wasn't even allowed in The Gutter.... Crazy...
  16. You'd better go shower..........NOW!:nono:
  17. So, he's taken himself from "Contributing Editor" to "Full-Time Staffer"? :p
    "Cheapskate" is a good name??? :scratch: :lol:

    Okay, I stand corrected. Picture's kinda small, and I'm kinda blind. :rolleyes:
    YOU AREN'T!!!
    1/2NK is not allowed in the Gutter, either - and she wears combat boots!!!
  18. Isn't that what you get when the power line falls down into the pond?
  19. Naw, ol' Jimmy Hoffa/Tammy Faye Baker was starting to br even more obnoxious than usual; so we finally stuffed him/her/??? under the Jacuzzi :D