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  1. Hello, I have a 2000 V6 Mustang and I am looking to upgrade to something newer with a V8. Just wanting to see for those who have upgraded from a V6 to a V8 what your thoughts are and overall experience? Thank you.
  2. You will never regret it, after the first time you really throw the coals to it.
    I agonized over V6 vs. GT when I got mine and my big brother set me straight.
    No matter how much (or how little) modding you are planning, starting of with the V8 is the best choice.

    If fuel efficiency is a big concern - I still get better than 22MPG and my foot is in it regularly.:nice:
  3. I already own a 2000 V6 and I have always been looking for a GT since so maybe it is time to upgrade!
  4. Welcome!

    I went from a 2006 V6 to a 2007 GT and it's been a huge upgrade!

    Aside from the performance, the sound alone is worth the extra money IMO go V8

    Nick C.
  5. Lol I'm one of the weirdos that has a GT and I am looking at the new V6 Mustangs...
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  6. I was actually looking at the 2012 V6's with 305 HP stock :) I am too young to have payments tho!
  7. Don't forget to compare torque in your quest to be impressed....that's what will glue you to the drivers seat during acceleration. Although the bone stock GT's do a decent job of delivering good gas mileage, but at the end if the day, musclecars weren't intended to compete with the Prius for fuel economy.
  8. Go test drive a 2011+ GT and you will see why we love our V8. I had a V6 Mustang for awhile, and I have no regrets about the change to a GT :)

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  9. Test drove a V6, but only actually considered the V8. The new V6 is quick once revved up, but only the V8 will pin you hard in the seat. And no V6 will ever sound like a V8.
  10. The 2011 and up V6 are a nice car but no comparison to the Coyote motor. The problem I see is no one will keep a V8 mustang stock- so keep that in your mind as well. We have a 2013 V6 as a DD and I have a 90 fox body LX vert as the weekend/fun car.
  11. That is a true statement :)
    I managed to keep my V6 completely stock, my GT was modded at 300 miles :)

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  12. I got the 3.7 and it has exceeded my expectations. With a few suspension mods I do a 14 sec. 1/4 mile pass at 100 mph.
    It handles like a true sports car now too, mucho grip! V8's do sound better. tn_Cemetary Raz 005.JPG
  13. Just for comparison.....my 1971 Nova SS was an auto with a 350 cid, a cam, 3.73 gears (14" dia wheels) and was lighter than the newer Mustangs...... 14.34 was my best 1/4 mile pass in it. The newer FI technologies and engine designs definitely work.
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  14. I went ahead and took your guy's advice and went ahead and test drove a 2012 GT and the dealer guy was pretty chill and I asked can I floor it to see for myself and sure enough he let me go to a little spot off to the side and well HOLY ****ING :poo: V8 ! lol Anyway's I have been trying to get a newer GT since Monday. Only problem is my parents and the payments.... lol
  15. your parents will get over it, your wallet, not so much
  16. I am only 17 and I have to finance it in my parents name... Sadly

  17. No Offense. I have an 18 year old and a 16 year old and NO WAY IN HELL would I let either one of them buy a 400hp car as their first car. That is a recipe for disaster. Since you are 17 you cannot legally enter into a contract, so it is up to your parents to buy it for you. Once they look at the insurance premiums and car payments, that should end it right there unless your last name is Trump.

    A new V6 with 300HP is more than enough IMO and the insurance is less.
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  18. No Offense taken. It would not be my first car. My first car is a 2000 V6 and I have had fun but honestly I am bored with it already lol!