Hey New To The Site.... Need Help With Front Frame Of 1965 Mustang

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  1. Have a 1965 Mustang and ready to restore it. Problem.... I need measurements for the frame. Starting from the shock tower to the core support. I need help. Here are some pics for a better understanding. I do not want to replace the whole frame.. just weld 20130611_081101.jpg
  2. ok ,you are going to need several measurements.
    lets start at the frame rails.
    in between the fraim rails will be 27 5/8 inches
    from the front of the part where the motor mount bolts on ,to the front end of the frame rail will be 23 1/8 inches
    your approns will be from the top of the cowl where the hood meets up to the front of the radiator support will be 44 3/8 inches .
    inbetween the approns at the radiator support will be 41 inches this is an in between the approns measurement. having trouble loading one of the pics. so it will be the last pic.were i measured from the cowl the radiator support

    _MG_3314.JPG _MG_3311.JPG _MG_3308.JPG _MG_3310.JPG _MG_3307.JPG
  3. where your frame rail is cut off i would weld a plate in side on as many sides as possible then slip the new front piece over the plates and plug weld the front pieces on and also weld all the way around just for added strength
  4. This is a great start. Thanks for the help. Do you think the shop manual will help.
    Know any threads with more info.
  5. shop manual will not help with the front being cut off
  6. The shop manual may not help with getting the new frame rails in, but it will help a whole lot when you start putting everything else back together.
  7. that is true ,you can get manuals at any of the parts dealers