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  1. I joined the dark side with you.

  2. :rlaugh:

    He sold his...

    There's only room for one ugly duckling at a time I guess
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  3. Oh did he? I havent been on here in a while.
  4. That is nice looking, looks like its mostly stock. How do you like it overall compared to your old black Mustang?
  5. Taking bets on when this car gets sold.....

  6. Haha, real funny night shifter.

    It has a comp cams .588/.588 lift, 228/228 duration, 114 LSA cam, stainless long tube's, 3" X pipe, 3" Spintech super prostreets, LS6 intake, G2 lid, 3.73 gears, Short throw, LS7 clutch, and it's been lowered in the front.

    I love it. It's a lot different than my black car for sure. It's a turd down low, but once it hits about 4,000 rpm...it's pulling hard. It's pulls harder up top than my black car did on nitrous. It will be pretty hard to get me back into a mustang to be honest.

    I'm actually at the dyno right now getting it tuned. I will post up a video or 2 and the graph when we are done.
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  7. :nice:

    My guess is 408/427

    I wanted one before i got this car but im too short (5'7) to see over the 20' long hood lol..nice looking car...dont pick on the mustangs too bad with it
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  9. It won't make near 400 right now. It's 100+ degree's right now outside. It's a good 105+ in the shop.

    The build for my 98 will depend on if I decide to build a stroker for this.
  10. Id bet on a normal temperature day youd see 400 to the wheels.

    Take the 98, throw in trash, build this car, dominate.
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  11. How come no PM? ;)

    My :poo: aint sold Pottymouth, just a 500rwhp car on motor with a 150 shot on it now, no blower. Bet you I can run a 10 second pass in 100* air still the way the car sits with no nitrous. Not like I'm going to go and try or anything while it is on the market :)

    Glad to see you come over to where racecars are Stumbaugh(JK guys)! Rearend stock? Sounds like you have the old Texas Speed 228r cam in that car. Not a bad cam, but there are a lot better NA/nitrous cams out there that will make more power down low and about 20rwhp up top more on a stock LS1. Not worth changing at the moment IMO. Don't mess with 243 heads IMO, unless you fork over the money like Cartek with their custom cam. I've seen some pretty bad gains with 243 heads, even cnc ones. Your 241's are fine unless you want to go max effort, then look at Trickflow or Tony's AFR heads.

    Congrats on the new ride! Car looks fantastic! As good of a driver as you are, I bet you should see high 11's on motor when it cools down. My car was on the rollers tonight up until 11pm, and it was still 95* in the dyno room.

    BTW, I've got an extra nitrous plate kit, complete with an MSD box, WOT, lines, etc that will fit your car. I've got a couple people coming in town in the next few days to check the car out, and both of them have indicated they don't want the nitrous kit, so it might be for sale soon.

    Good luck with the car, and shoot me a PM since I'm not in this forum very often, just the wheel. Good luck with the car!
  12. haha Sorry Mark, I will shoot you a PM here shortly.

    Thanks for the compliments, I am loving the car. Yeah it still has the stock rear in it for now. I am going to order a 9" for it at the end of July. I have a set of BMR double adjustable lower control arms on their way, along with a few more little things. I'm not the biggest fan on this cam because of how lazy it is down low, but I'm hoping a set of 4.10's or 4.30's in that 9" will cure that problem for now.

    I actually sold all my Modular stuff today. So I am looking to get an LS2 block and build a 408 stroker with some trickflows and put a procharger on it.

    I put it on the rollers today to get it dyno tuned. It's down pretty good on power for some reason, I'm hoping atleast a little of it is due to the fact that it was over 100 degree's in the shop and I had been driving the car all day long. It only made 366/349, but the car also does have 160,000 miles on it, so I'm sure it's a little tired.

    I'm hoping to get it to the track after I get the lower control arms on it (it's wheels hopping bad when I shift it hard) and the other stuff I ordered.

    I am definitely interested in that nitrous kit. Just hit me up when you get something figured out on it.

    Here's a couple video's I took. Sorry for the poor quality of the idle video.

  13. Good lawdy that has some nice lope :nice:
  14. Sounds great, I cant believe it has 160k on it. The car looks like it has been taken care of!
  15. Thanks guys.
  16. The LS1 will last as long as a 2v. Problem is, they usually don't because they are cheaper/easier to mod and people put twice the power they were designed for in them all the time.
  17. Trust me, 336 rwhp is enough to get into the 11s on a 3600 pound car, so I suspect 366 is, too. ;)

    Also, very nice looking ride. Since I haven't even seen it posted yet, M6 or A4?
  18. Thanks Will. It's a M6.
  19. Updated pic for you fella's.


    Yes it's dirty

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