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  1. I'm just glad there's another F-Body enthusiast around!! Yea the car looks nice. I'm actually in the market for an LS1 and/or LT1 powered F-Body...that will complete my collection. Good job on the find, I like it!!
  2. Haha I love the LS1 very nice car, thats why I love Mustangs but my 94 Mustang is getting a Ls2 transplant as we speak haha. Cant beat them join them and a ton cheaper to build for the power. Ford Tough with Chevy Stuff.
  3. Blasphemy! LOL! JK, I have looked at a few LS1s and I really don't like the look of the Camaro, the TA is the only way to go LS1 unless you are doing the whole Vette thing.
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  4. I agree, the 98-02 SS Camaro I like. Just because the hood & spoiler and it has to have Z06 Wheels or ZR1's, then they are really nice.

  5. Looks great! Pretty sure you have the same wheel combo as one of my best buddies, Flash. Car just has a 360ci motor, single turbo and stock crank. It has gone 8.2-8.3's at 160mph in street trim with the stock crank. Crank, after a few hundred passes and 20,000 miles, is being upgraded. Turbos too. Should run 7.70's soon. Here is the last video I took of him in 91* weather with the humidity off the coast. He only foot braked the car and didn't use the transbrake due to the track and weather. Still ran a 9.0 first pass. Car is quick from a 60-180 roll too.


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  6. So what happened to the lead sled? o_O
  7. Ended up selling it to a buddy, then bought the 7th fastest cam only Camaro in the nation, sold it. Had a nitrous stroker R1 that I almost wrecked so I promised the family to sell it. Now I'm back in a mustang.
  8. Right cuz they're slow and safe. :D
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