hey you AOD guys in here....

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  1. im looking at a 89 coupe but unfortunately it has an automatic. good thing is though its low mileage car with 373 gears, exhaust, headers and shiftkit that isn't installed yet. I haven't bought this car yet and am wonder how good these 89's run with auto's in them. expected 1/8th mile times, etc...is there anyone on here that has put mild bolt-ons with an automatic and done well? ive owned several mustangs but never a automatic fox. any suggestions or should i pass since its an auto.:shrug:
  2. 14.9 at almost 96mph and in the 1/8 i think it ran high 9's on my bone stock 92 mustang AOD... only thing done is in the sig... i have 120,000miles on the clock no shift kit or no rear gears yet.... so i would say that one could run a lil faster then mine or could be higher just depends on how good the motor is... i would say 14.5 but i would pass on the auto... i would never get a auto again!
  3. dude sometimes these times are out of planet earth... i have a 89 AOD bone stock for now.. and the preivous owner ran a 14 flat then a 13.9 really really good driving i guess haha u should be in the 13/s
  4. All I can say is if you do get it get a different valve body to give you the correct 1,2,3 shift pattern. A stock AOD is not good but can be corrected. You can always convert to a T-5, its really quit easy.

    I am putting a Lentec in my Coupe and it will be running good with a 357 windsor.
  5. Paintballer you might want to take that car to the track and run it your self cause I think im gonna have to call:bs: on the BONE STOCK AOD running 13's or a 14 flat for that matter.Crankster I dont know what shift kit you have but a Bauman is what I have in mine it is on level 2 of shift firmness,and I couldn't be happier with the way it shifts.Look at my sig to see my other mods.I was running 14.3 without the UD pullies and 3:90 gears.

    P.S:If the shift kit you have is a B&M,throw it away,they suck.Horrible flare from 2nd to 3rd
  6. i say if the cars really nice don't discriminate because it's an auto. it could have a t-5 in it that could go south in a month, then you'd have to fix it anyway. point being, it doesn't matter weather you have an aod or t-5, everyone ends up yanking the tranny sooner or later.

    a nice aod car is cheaper to swap to a t-5 than a t-5 car that mabe needs alot of other stuff......just somethin to think about.....:D point being, buy the car, not the tranny.....

    most stock aod's ran in the mid low 15's i think, with some light bolt on's high 14's.......ofcourse there's always the exceptions.....but thats generally what your lookin at.
  7. did you guys know you can ratchet shift your aod and I dont mean go from 1 and than drive.there is a way to go from 1,2,3,4 and you can hold it in that gear longer
  8. Seriously, no way that car was bone stock.

    Crankster, I havn't gotten my AOD on the track yet but based on testimonials from other members, an aftermarket stall converter will really wake these dogs up. I have a 3.73 and Transgo shift kit and it made a big difference. With the stock converter though, the car is VERY lazy off the line. Some kind of shift kit or valve body work is also must.
  9. Best I've run is a 15.6 with my auto. Lowered tire pressure (all season tires), took out the panel filter, and no spare.

    Mind you, my tranny fluid is black (I know I need to change it soon), so I don't know if that would help anything.

  10. thats what mine ran when i first got it ^^^^
  11. No idea about running it, but depending how fast you want to make it the auto may come in handy :rolleyes:

    I love my AOD, though, it's still major fun on the street. Sure the go-fast stuff helps, but it was always fun just the same. Now it's just way more fun :D
  12. 1 tip about aods is that when you shift from 3 to 1 manually while moving (40-55mph) the car will go into 2nd gear and not 1st. This is huge advantage when racing from a roll. Aods take forever to downshift and are in a hurry to shift back into 3rd for some reason. Mind you my car has i/h/c so by short shifting my car would never get into the powerband and stay their by itself.
  13. mid 14's at best with only weld in Flowmasters the rest is STOCK, well for now. Now if CarFreakGT will give me his 3.73's on short credit we'll see what it can do. Oh God, does anyone else hear the MOD voices in my head. So much for keeping it stock.
  14. big blue, when I bought my '92 I swore I wasn't going to mod it. That all changed the first time I got some open road and made my first 0-80 run. Oh the humanity. :( I'll admit that I was spoiled by 14 years of daily driving modded 5-speeds.
  15. im not sure what brand of shiftkit it is just yet. will know this weekend. i want to put a 125 shot NOS on it, and beef up the trans and thats about it for now. Would love a 5speed though in the future. I just cant make my mind up to buy it or not. very clean lady owned car, 72,000 miles in the rare light grey color with light grey interior.
  16. Don't be scared of the AOD. With a good converter and minimal bolt ons you can run 13's and 12's with NOS. Edge makes awesome converters for these things and you will be amazed at how it wakes it up. I was running 13.80's with stall, tires, maf, gears and 1.7 rr's. Stock h/c/i. check out RSW007 on here, he's into the 12's with mostly stock motor.
  17. AOD's have come along way. If the tranny is in decent shape(not slippin) put a good converter, and valve body in it. That and gears and it will be a blast.

    Me and a few of my friends runs AOD's. One was a 93 vert that run 10.50's (slicks), the other 11.08 and me with an 11.19 with our AOD's. Don't get me wrong we have fully built AOD's , I was just wanting to show the potential. I have an AOD with Art Carr internals & converter, and my buddies have lentech's internals & stuff.
  18. Check out my sig to see what my times are. Before I put the heads and cam in it was running consistent 14.4s. I put the heads and cam in and it went 14.2s put a set of drag radials on and it went 14.0s

    Internally my AOD is stock with the exception of a transgo shiftkit. If you do get it just make sure that you put a trans cooler on it. I am getting ready to rebuild my AOD since I smoked the OD band out of it and driving to the track at 65mph with 4.10 gears isn't a lot of fun.

    Lots of potentional and if you get it there are plenty of guys on here who can help you out with maximizing that potentional, if that is what you desire.
  19. Dont fear the AOD , you have to take all the other aspects into consideration . clean foxes are hard to come by . I just bought an 89 AOD a couple months ago , I really wanted a T-5 car but the car was exceptionally clean and well maintained so I couldnt pass it up . I recently coverted my car to a T-5 and it wasnt hard at all , did it in my garage .

    My last stang was an AOD , with the addition of a trans-go shift kit , B&M super cooler , TCI 2500 stall and 3.73 gears it was no slouch .