Hi All Im New Here....have A 99 Gt Problem

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  1. hi everyone just returned from the war.....and now my baby is acting weird.....yesterday she started up ran fine went to grocery store...when i started it it sputtered,ran terribly...then it smoothed out...this morning(it was 22 last night) went to start the car and it turned over and over but wouldnt start at all.......i went back in the house and came out 30 minutes later and it started right up...whats the possible problems? there is gas in the car and i have owned the car 5 years have never replaced the gas filter(i know my bad!) and i hear the fuel pump humm when i turn the key to start....any of you gurus help appreciated:)
  2. I would definitely change the fuel filter and see what happens. Try all the simple things before you start dumping money into it.

    Have you checked to see if you are getting fuel pressure at the rails? you can do this with the shrader valve located at the front of the passenger side rail.
  3. Is it throwing a trouble code? camshaft sensor going bad. I had a similar problem. idk just a suggestion.
  4. First...thanks for your service :flag:

    Start with fuel filter. Then go from there.
  5. Is the gas in the tank five years old or fresh? Maybe you need some water remover in the gas tank or fresh gas. Do the fuel filter regardless.