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  1. hello fellow roush owners, i drive a 2007 roush stg 1, its bone stock for now and was wondering what i could do to get the best bang for my buck, i just got this name today so any help would help so much
  2. Best bang for the buck? - Gears!!!!
    What are you running now?
    Do you think you'll ever get force induction (SC or Turbo)?
    BTW, welcome and congrats on the purchase!!
  3. Define "bang for the buck"? Are you trying to make more power, get better gas mileage, make it handle better? What's our motivation here?
  4. band for my buck=faster, more hp, i already got more handling then i can shake a stick at so just more ho and speed
  5. Gears, CAI, Tune:nice:
  6. all about the $

    I think the cold air induction is good, but you have to decide if you want to go the tuner route or the non-tuner route.

    I have the "no tune needed" K&N filtercharger which is about $240 retail or so.

    I also have a superchips 87 octane tune, which I got a used superchips tuner from a fellow roush dude for $90.

    You'll feel some seat of the pants go with both of these.

    Check craigslist, for used stuff.

    I sunk about $2200 into my suspension upgrading it to a Stage 2 suspension and although that is not cheap, the results were incredible.

  7. Bang for the buck Roush Charger, enough said. Keep warrenty and 135 extra ponies. 2nd gears, and last after warrenty period costom tune.
  8. Agree

    +1 for Pure Breds Comments, But if budget is not that high... CAI&Tune, Gears (In that Order)