Hi Beam Light

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  1. the light on my instrument panel doesnt work, the hi beam one. What should i do to fix it?
  2. Take out the panel, pull out the light bulb and switch it with the turn signal bulb or one of the other ones that you know works. Then if if is a blown bulb, you can pick up a new one at the parts store.
  3. and if its not the bulb,......
  4. Light out

    Sell me the car cheap, it will stop working soon! (j/k) :rlaugh:

    If not the bulb (most probably), then bad grounds, loose connections, bulb socket, dash circuit board, etc...
  5. is ther a easy way to get the panel off??
    i know you have to un do the speed cable i guess?
    and i might as well change the rest i guess anyway so i don't to get back in there wouldn't you say ?
    thanks for the info
  6. man, it's not your day for lightbulbs. I agree with what the others said, troubleshooting-wise.
  7. got blubs its fine now thanks