Hi Cr Here.

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  1. I'm new to the site.
  2. 1st off.... Welcome! We love new members with Mustangs & appreciate those whom have a desire to become part of a website that gives us the opportunity to revel in the glory that encompasses our passion for the Ford Mustang. One word of caution though.... We need pictures. Okay, let me reemphasize the importance of this.... We absolutely require both detailed information on your pride & joy AND need pictures or so help me God we will die like 20 year long crack or meth addicts that try to go clean! Please understand that this is not an administrative viewpoint or requirement, but simply a member request that if not immediately complied with on your side of the fence will result in total & complete non-acknowledgement of your post and or existence. You can readily see how many people have posted a welcome here right now &you can kinda can guess how this will all play out right about now, right? ;)