Hi everyone, 67 Mustang project SEMA bound

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I was referred to this great site by members on Pro-touring.com and lateral-g.net. I hope this is the correct location to post this, if not, please move it.

    First a little intro:

    I'm a custom car designer from MA and I've been helping a local builder with this car that will make its debut at SEMA in Nov. The builder/owner's name is Mike DeVincent and he owns Nemesis Motorsports. He is intending for this car to showcase body parts that we have been developing for the past several months with the help of 3G Services Inc in MI.

    The car features a Total Control susp, Roush 427R FI motor, custom 18" billet wheels, vent window delete, HID projector headlights and various Carbon Fiber exterior and interior parts for 67-68 Mustangs.

    The biggest challenge was to retain the sacred Mustang look while simultaneously adding well-integrated parts that enhance and modernize some of the details. TThe intent was to design an aggressive streetmachine that looks at home on the track as well cruising the highway. I'm hoping that we came up with a design that is worthy of praise from real Mustang lovers. I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about it, good or bad.

    Anyway, enough talk here's the rendering and some progress pix. Enjoy!!


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  2. Cool looking car! I like the way you adapted/integrated a modern bumper treatment. I also like your interpretation of the '68 Shebly hood. The only part I'm not crazy about are the BMWish fender vents. IMHO I think they have been done to death (see just about any high $ SUV) and are bordering on rice.
  3. looks cool :nice:

    dislikes: the afore mentioned fender vents and the rearview mirrors.
    likes: pretty much everything else

    unsures: the divided headlights, makes it look like it's trying to be a 70 model, if you wanted a 70 model you should start a 70 model, not real sure about the large valance opening under the grill.

    otherwise this is an awesome looking project so far, can't wait to see it completed.:nice:
  4. Thanks! Yeah, the builder had already invested in that fender vent detail when I began on the project in the spring. He was influenced by what he saw on the Ring Bros "Reactor" from SEMA 06. However, it is functional to extract hot engine air and we were able to get it to look more like an 87 GNX rather than the multi gills you see stuck on a lot of imports.

    It's quite a balancing act with something like this. The chances of getting everyone to like every detail of a modified car are usually pretty slim.

    This kit will be designed so that potential customers can either opt to buy the entire package or pick and choose parts to customize their ride. So far we've gotten very positive responses to the single piece glass and mirror and 05 GT-R concept inspired lights. Yep, it suggests something similar to a 69-70 (my personal favorites) but they actually have lights in them this time.

    As far as the lower valence opening, we wanted a really aggressive look and it helps to flow more air through the radiator/ intercooler.
  5. In the drawing, the split headlights make it look like the new Chargers somehow.....

    How is the exhaust going to exit? What mirrors are you using?
  6. The mirrors are custom made using 05-up Acura TSX for the foundation. The exhaust will exit through the lower quarter behind the rear wheels probably.
  7. Looks good IMO, I do agree that the lights do remind me of a Charger, but its unique.
    not sure about rear view mirrors
    not sure about the lower valence gap; maybe put some fog lights in there or something
  8. Okay, since I get that you're asking for personal opinions:

    1.) I happen to miss the "wing-windows".
    2.) The headlights - Ford almost got it righT on the 05's; but they could have done better copying the 67's headlights. If they (or your partner) could have gone with a less-parabolic HID "projector" in a 9-1/2" housing....
    3.) The mirrors look like they came from an Acura (or a Mitsubishi)..... Maybe a "fat oval" like the later-70's Sport Mirrors.
    4.) The "gills".... :shrug: If "form follows function"; they're great! Maybe a "reverse '69 Sportsroof shoulder-vent" would be more aesthetically pleasing.
    5.) The "tail" - Jeeze, that's a Shelby spoiler with factory light housings :hail2:

    Sorry, I guess I'm "Old Skool" :shrug:
  9. I knew we were taking a huge risk at alienating classic mustang purists. It's like a tightrope walk! :D But that's the whole idea behind these components, it's different, it's forward thinking, it provides Mustang enthusiasts with more options for their favorite car and there is a lot of functionality to the design. It's not just "all show and no go".

    LOL...The vent windows were the first go only because we wanted the car to look sleeker and vertical elements (like the vent window frame) detract from that.

    The tail is similar to a Shelby spoiler but it leans back to give it a streamlined profile. The taillights are slightly wider than stock and integrated into a Carbon Fiber tail panel. They are backlit with LED's for a cleaner/modern look. The gas filler cap is a custom billet piece. I was never a big fan of Shelbys using Tbird-like taillights in that pocket, the 3 lamp aesthetic looks more Mustang to me.

    Regarding the heat extractor vent on the fender, I didn't want to have 2 large air scoops facing each other on the side. The rear one is for brake cooling.

    Keep the comments coming, this is great feedback!:nice:
  10. +1!
  11. I'm liking the project, the vents on the side aren't really big so they're not really all that distracting, what functionality do you have with all of the scoops and vents?
    Is there rear brake cooling with the side scoops?
    Have you already worked out the 1 piece door windows? That's something that's been floating around here for a little while.
    Do you have the renderings for the rear of the car?
    What type of rear suspension are you planning?

    Yeah, I know, so many questions and some probably can't be answered here, but you're building a good looking project there.
  12. I think center exit exhaust in the rear valence would look cooler, using '70 Mach 1 style tips. But if you'd rather cut the quarter panel than the valence...

    You could also split the rear seat and extend the console further back.
  13. All the scoops are functional and have an air direction system backing them. The lower opening on the front valance passes through the radiator/intercooler. The two aside of it cool the front brakes. The Ram Air hood is functional, as are the louvered heat extractors on the hood and fender sides. The rear side scoop cools the rear brakes, we removed the C-pillar scoops that everyone uses as they don't offer a ton of function and they give the car unnecessary "ears". The only holes that aren't ultra functional are the ones on the rear lower valence, they suggest some sort of air diffuser. I actually wanted the exhaust to exit out the side holes in the valence, but with carbon fiber so close to the tip we didn't want to chance having the heat warp it or cook the paint. Maybe we will investigate that further after SEMA and Barrett Jackson. (Serial # 0001 and 0002 will be sold there)

    The owner is sold on the rear quarter exhaust as the Eleanor rocker exhaust is just too loud for driver and passengers. Center exhaust has been big for a few years, I like it but I'm glad we're trying something different. Yeah, I know everyone's gonna gasp when the quarters get cut. LOL

    Suspension will be from Total Control and it will be lowered to give it a real aggressive stance.

    Thought about doing a custom rear 2+2 seat with full console but didn't have the time to fully develop it for SEMA. Maybe next year.

    I may do a rear rendering for the car if there's time but it's pretty straightforward from here. The only color break is the tail panel and maybe the center lip on the lower valence. TBD

    The car will be painted Lexus GX 470 "Blizzard Pearl" metallic.
  14. I was in a hurry and didn't pay close enough attention to "the tail". The rear spoiler looks "swept back"; reminiscent of the 69/70 Shelbys. I agree, it looks better. I had to really look at the tailights to see that they were indeed "fatter".... it still looks good. I agree with you one using the original Mustang design taillights. Don't get me wrong, I think the T-Bird/Cougar tailights are great; but the design cues were (IMHO) wasted on the hot-rod Shelby.

    I'm turning into an "Old Fart" (like Chepsk8 and 65 stanger), so I now tend to look more at safety features. High-brightness LEDS in place of old 1157 incandescent bulbs in the brake lights/turn signals is an excellent idea!

    I'm with mustang6tee8; a center exhaust right out the rear valance - with twin square tips - gets "the Mean" across better than dumping through the quarters.
  15. See I told you they'd be into it here.
  16. I dont consider myself an "Old Fart" but i think i might have spent to much time with these guys, I like the idea if the LEDS not only do they look B.A. but they would come in handy, don't want nobody rear ending you.

    The twin square tips thru the rear would look soo good!!! :nice:
  17. Welcome to Stangnet Ben, looks like an interesting project for sure. I notice you said the shop that is doing the work is in MA. Just curious, who is it and where are they located? I live just outside of Worcester myself.
  18. Hey neighbor, I live in Worcester!

    The shop is Custom Auto Recreations in Woburn, MA and it's owned by Mike DeVincent. He's most well known for building "Eleanor" (Unique Performance) cars that always draw a crowd at the Bay Side Expo show in Jan.

    www.competition-specialties.com is doing the paint. In fact, it's getting sprayed tomorrow after a few changes that were made due to the great feedback from everyone here.

    The vents changed and we made a few other tweaks to the surfaces. It looked really killer with the Air Ride suspension slammed and 18/20" wheels. I don't know that those will be used in production but the car needs to make a lot of impact at SEMA. If you're gonna be a bear, be a Grizzly!

    I'll try to post up some of the last photos we're releasing before SEMA at the end of the week.

    Follow this thread on Lateral-g.net....it's the most up to date photos.

  19. So when will you work on a kit for 65's????

  20. Small world, I work in Woburn. Will have to seek out the shop and swing in with my Stang to check them out. Good to know there are some solid custom shops in the area, especially ones that appreciate Mustangs :nice: