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  1. Hey guys,
    Just bought a used 07 mustang gt/cs in grabber orange. Man i love that thing to say the least. Im joining this forum to see whats what with mustangs and to stay on top of the ball.
    So far i have cold air kit and a tune from tillman speed. 3.73 gears are going in friday then i need to start saving some $ after that.

    I hope i have a good stay here, you all seem very helpful.
  2. :welcome: you forgot the :pics: :shrug:
  3. Yeah man where's the pics? What gears are in it now? Always interested in the b4/after results.
  4. double post?
  5. pics?
    oh oh you mean pictures. like this?
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    i did a cai and tillman tune first.
    after hearing everyone say how much the tne and CAI helps i was disappointed, i didnt feel much change but im thinking it may have been a lack luster tune from tillman, i should have gone brenspeed or bama. i even spent more at tillman thinking the tune may have been better but not really.

    the switch form the old 3.31 gears to the 3.73s is nice. it just goes and feels a bit more refined.
  6. :welcome:, nice ride!