Hi - new guy from NC, looking at 2010 v6

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  1. Thanks for letting me join your great forum. I'm 50 years old with a 15 year old daughter that wants a Mustang for her first car. I've had many cars, trucks and SUV's over my lifetime and I have learned to research "before" you buy!!!, that said, as a protective Daddy, I want a safe, dependable car for her and after reading many,many, (wife says too damn many) reviews, I conclude the v6 Mustang is that car. We considered Honda, Toyota, VW (I have a GTI) and Mazda, why not Chevy - you have to ask - LOL!

    We had thought about a used car and maybe a good deal on a CPO Beemer 328, or Audi - but have ya'll checked on the upkeep of German cars, yes sir, they will burn you a new one if you don't have a good local mechanic and even then, parts - OMG! Just let me find that third job and I'll be fine.

    The plan is to get the car ordered just like she (and I) want, right before the cut-off, assuming we can't locate one in inventory. I'm figuring that the dealers will love to deal on a 2010 v6 when the new 2011 v6 starts making noise. I base that on owning a 1987 baby Blazer with the 2.8 and then the 4.3 came out and you couldn't give that POS away! I know, rough analogy, but ya'll know how the buying public wants bigger, faster, more HP. Me? I think 210 HP is PLENTY for my daughter. I'm trying to spend time letting her drive, but my heart ain't as strong as it use to be, I did do a lot of praying though! So what do ya'll think?

  2. Welcome! :)
  3. Welcome from NC
  4. Welcome aboard. Lucky young lady, I think the V6 Mustang is an awesome first car. 210 hp is a lot, but manageable especially if she gets some good guidance from you. If she is not very responsible, you may want to reconsider a Mustang. You are the only one who can make the judgment call on that. I am old school myself, I had to purchase my first car ('73 Pinto wagon), and feel that I appreciated it that much more, but we aren't here to discuss that are we?:D

    At any rate, get her the Mustang, be a mentor if she let's you, and it will all work out in the end.
  5. Thanks, and I do try to be a good teacher, she is a little slow on the road - like driving right below the speed limit (complete opposite from me!) We're taking a little trip to MB for New Years, I'm going to let her drive my favorite back roads. She hasn't got the joy of driving yet, come to think of it, neither did I till I got in the car without my folks.

    Side note - I may sell the GTI and get a Fuson if they put that new 300 hp in it, plus, I could use a bigger car, that old middle age spread is for real!
  6. +1 on the middle age spread, but I can still shoe horn it into a Mustang :nice:
  7. Welcome!
  8. Well, I went and set my big ol butt in a Mustang today, tried the back seat - not too bad. After telling the family, they decided they had to try it out too. The dealer was really cool, no pressure and friendly.

    BTW - that's a beauty you have there T Pony, as a part time detailer, I have to say that looks show worthy!