Hi, New Here! 1989 Ford Mustang Gt

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Alex and I own a Ford Mustang GT 1989

    Just wanted to sign up and say hi!.

    The only mods I have done to the car is:

    After Market Car Stereo + dual 8" subwoofers in a ported box (sounds good)
    Single piece headlights
    Tint - 35% driver / passanger - 5% on the rear windows and moon roof.

    Other than that - the rest was done by the pervious owner. which I belive they only did the lowering and cobra rims. everything else is basically stock.

    here are some photos of the car

    wmj7CEw.jpg mtcey0U.jpg zgEBthR.jpg wmj7CEw.jpg
  2. nice lookin ride
  3. Welcome to :SN:! Nice looking Mustang.