Hi Res Pics 2015 Mustang

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  1. Well guys here it is??? I have to say I'm quite disappointed in this and I am glad I have my 99' GT :)

  2. My 2 cents: It is less of a departure from the current design then I was expecting especially after hearing all this "designed to appeal to a global market" talk coming from Ford. Overall I think its a good looking car but I can't honestly say its better looking then the current generation. I am glad that Ford retained enough Mustang styling cues to make it clearly identifiable as a Mustang. I like the 200lb weight reduction, though it would have been better if they came closer to their goal of a 500lb reduction. I like the expanded engine options. I like that fact that a GT will out perform the current Boss 302 (assuming of course that all this is true) I guess I should be glad that it finally has IRS, though I wonder if it is really worth the extra weight and cost( if it really does out perform the Boss 302 then I guess it is worth it.)
    Dislikes: The quarter windows look they were lifted right off of any of the current import coupes. Very generic, very Asian and very non-Mustang. The roof line and side window openings are too rounded. They are not particularly bad looking, but to me they don't match the rest of the body, That area between the tailpipes is too busy. I think it should be cleaned up, or at least painted black.
    Like I said overall I think Ford did a good job. Of course I will reserve final judgement until I see it in person, and drive one.
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  3. Absolutely stunning! 9/10!
  4. I think It looks badass. SOOOO sick of the retro stangs.
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  5. I really love it, but lets be honest there are still some slight design cues from the recent Mustangs but just enough to make it look different from the rest. I would love to own them all. and im excited to see what special edition mustangs they come out with that will set them all apart in their different ways, like the gt350 gt/cs mach 1 and even a special edition for the v6 and I4ecoboost
  6. Slight? I can't even tell from the pictures that we actually are dealing with an "all-new" chassis. It's proportions seem so similar. I expected a revolutionary design change, not an evolutionary change. I really liked some of the concepts that were floated, and thought we'd end up with a much smaller proportioned sportscar-ish Mustang.

    I guess, based on the article, that they basically took the current chassis, slapped in IRS, noticed some suspension geometry problems, and solved them by widening the rear track. It just seems like the focus was to improve the quality of IRS in the mustang, and to reshape body panels and the roof line.

    Don't see anything interesting in the drivetrain, either. I'd frankly have the less technologically complex, cheaper, and probably more reliable V6 than the ecoboost. The talk of a serious bump in power output from the 5.0 had me pretty excited. I discounted the likelihood of getting 500hp from a GT, but thought a bump to 460 was possible.

    The pics below are what really had me excited about the 2015, and because the actual design doesn't look so spectacular, I'm disappointed overall. I like the current design, and because it's so similar, I guess I will still like the car, but I don't see owning one.

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  7. Looks horrible. That and the powertrain is :poo:ty. Ford isnt trying.
  8. I like it, it isnt perfect but overall I like it.

    what parts of a 300hp base v6, 300hp turbo4 (with more torque than the v6) and 420+hp v8 is crap about the dirvetrain?

    There are details of the suspension posted elsewhere the front suspension is also completely new and takes cues from BMW's suspension design, the IRS is supposedly based off a modified fusion/european mondeo. I think it will be a great ride and handler!
  9. Ok, so I guess what I posted was just Ford's Evos concept. I'm pretty sure I'd seen it before, but it didn't make as big an impact until I thought it would be the Mustang. Anyway, why the hell isn't Ford building it?
  10. They arr keepi the :poo: ass getrag that thing blows hard.
  11. If you think that car ain't beautiful you need to get your eyes checked.
  12. It looks like an Asian muscle car.....can't wait for the 4 door awd models. .....not.
  13. With the exception of it still being too big and heavy, I love it. The One Ford design looks fantastic on it, very modern. IDK where all the hate is coming from, but I guess I'll be the only one standing in line when they roll off the trucks. I'll just take my pick :)
  14. Damn, it's already growing on me. I like the way the back roofline slopes like an old fastback, and directly from the rear, the roofline and angles look great.
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  15. I'm not a fan of it myself. It needs front end and rear taillight section tweaked. I like the side profile that's about it. Glad I bought my 2014 gt.
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  16. I'm with FastDriver on this. Really starting to like it. The view from the rear is much better. The walk around video shows it much better than still pictures