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  1. Hi everyone I am here to say I love mustangs any and all. I have a 1990 5.0 and my dad has a 2005 gt and we are looking forward to getting to chat with some like minded people.
  2. Welcome kenshin to :SNSign:!! Post up some pics of your and your dad's cars!! :nice:
  3. Hi kenshin5.0, Welcome to StangNet :) Sit down, Buckle up and Hold on!! Enjoy the Site.
  4. hi every one iam jr new to this site but belong to some others and not new to the mustangs i have hade 26 of the older fox body mustangs ranging from 87 to 93 how ever i did what i said id never do i got a newer 2000 mustang gt with the 4.6 and must say i really do like it thought ford messed up when they went with the 4.6 but the car still has alot of power and proud to say it just might have more then the 5.0 at least it hites second gear better lol i have been getting into them and learning all the tuning how to do it my self with out paying every time i do something to the car . but ia,m stuck i bought a paxton novi 2000rr super charger for it and orderd it for my 2000 gt not thinking that i switched the motor and took a motor out of an 02 with 40 000 miles and didint think of it when i orderd it now i need a diffrent bracket they say how ever i been told from some other at the other site i go on alot that there is a way i can make the bracket for the 2000 work on the 2002 and not have to pay 400 for a new one would any one know anything about this ?? iam trying to get as much info as i can befor i just go out and try it i use the car and really hate to get half way and find out it will not work and then have to put it all back to gather so if there is any one that can give me any info on this i would be more then great full . i called a shop and they would not tell me they said they done it befor and it was just bolts i hade to switch but when i asked them what ones i hade to pick up they just said to bring it to them and they would get them how ever iam trying to do the kit my self if anything pay some one to help me but dont have the money to just pay for the hole kit to be put on . well thanks for your time hope every one is doing great and your cars are running like a grapeape lol any one can email me at [email protected] please if any one knows anything drop me a line thanks and god bless