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  1. yo. wut up baby...:cool:
  2. and I ladies and gentlemen and B.J. or bricks2043 on AIM
  3. is you am problems together with grammer
  4. Hi I am Jeremy. I am new.
  5. For the record. My name is shorter then urs and still was at the time of your post :)
  6. the name is jon.....trumustang1 on aim
  7. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh......Nathan... I'm a narcoleptic insomniac. I don't have aim but then again I have no friends so whatever. Why the hell did they take away the canadian smiley anyways?? since this is a pointless thread, Linz post pics dammit, and not of the yellow stang, if I wanted to see that I'd photochop my car. Make sure to show cleavege too. Thats all. :D
  8. Hey GREENBIOCH, how are those 1.73 RR's workin' for you? How was the install?
  9. they have smoothed out the valvetrain a bit, it revs a little smoother, but haven't really noticed a power increase, I got them for the cam install mainly when I get a chance to do that, I just need better springs, the cam I have has like .573 lift so I gotta wait till I can get the springs(with ported heads). the install was a snap till I busted the bolt holding down the upper manifold, but I got it all worked out now otherwise it would have been easy, I ported the TB crossover to the upper intake as well at the same time.

    If youre looking for power from them I would get the 1.8's but since the cam I have already has huge lift I got the 1.73's.
  10. there was no point of posting my aim address, cuz no one has IMed me :(
  11. Ill IM you after i get off work if you want me to....
  12. yea hollar at me and we can talk about your quote "I love seamen".....i might be able to give you a hand with that :)

  13. :lol:

    I guess your avitar is fitting :nice:
  14. Hi, i'm Anthony, i'm a super cool awsome dude justr because i am and thats they way it is. I like to chop wood with an axe in thw woods, thats fun. And I sleep alot, thats also fun. Cutting the lawn is not fun, but eating is.

    Hey linz, where are u from...... i know a linz with a yellow vert V6.....hmmmmmmmmmmmm makes me wonder........
  15. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? :shrug: (jon stewart)
  16. "i like jelllo" -Bill Cosby
  17. focking postwhores...

  18. Sup, I'm Ray or what ever people calls me these days :D I want leave a AIM etc since chicks hardly ever Ims me anyway :nonono:
  19. Hi, my name is Greg but I'll answer to just about anything.