Electrical Hid Kit For My '99 Gt Headlights & Fogs

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  1. I just bought brand new headlights from American Muscle and want to also add HID to make the driving experience better and cooler looking. I'm also looking to buy new foglights an a HID Kit for them as well.

    New to HID & would like a little education on how does all this work? I know that there's a HID Bulb and a ballister that's used. Does the same bulb and ballister work the low and high beams together? What type of bulb other than a gasious bulb is it? Is there a number type to these bulbs or style number for these bulbs? What are the specifics I need to know?

    Can anyone also recommend where to buy High Quality HID KITS for both the headlights and foglights on-line? About how much for each as well?

    Thanks in advance for the schooling and places to go to buy.
  2. ddmtuning.com and they send instructions. Plug and play literally. Lifetime warranty. Most commonly used among auto enthusiasts for price and quality.
  3. ddm comes recommended. they are used alot over on the Volvo forums. Yes, i got one of them!

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  4. can vouch for ddm, I've used 4 sets and not had one issue.
  5. Thanks guys, do they also sell a HID Kit for the foglights....I assume they do.
    I also assume that the HID for our cars also work the low and high beams?
    Let me know.....is there anything I need to tell them besides the make, model & year?
    I guess I better check their website out and then go order them next week when I get paid again.
  6. check out their website. they have some good info

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  7. I got my 5k set from hidguy.net, great quality.
  8. I have had HID lights since 2011 and I bought the kit from American Muscle. The lights do not have low beams. What they do when you switch to high beams is there is a motor on the lamp which adjusts them to a higher position to make the light beam shine straight out rather than slightly down for normal driving. It's a little annoying but I'm happy with it. I have not had any trouble with them. I did change the bulbs to 5000k color from the original kits 8000k color. The 5000k is a whiter light. The 8000k is a bluer light, not good for night driving and it's illegal.