HID kits?

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  1. I am getting an HID kit for my LX. I found one from a pretty reputable guy that I use for stereo stuff.
    The kit is a Vision-X kit
    Has anyone had any experience with this kit?
    Also what kits do you guys have and what do you think of them>?
  2. Please do not buy a knock-off, non OEM, kit and try to make it work with your current housings. The mustang housings are reflector housings and are made to only work with halogen bulbs. Replacing a halogen bulb with an HID bulb will cause A LOT of glare for oncoming drivers. Not to mention, buying those type of kits are illegal. If you want to do an HID conversion correctly, you need to use projectors. Go to www.hidplanet.com/forums and do some research. You'll learn a lot there.
  3. anyone have any idea what kind of projector could be used with a 9007 hid bulb so that i can "retrofit" projectors into my caR?
  4. You won't find an OEM hid bulb that is 9007. Many of them are D1S, D2S, or D2R. I retrofitted a pair of e46 bi-xenons out of an bmw 3 series. I had to do a lot or rewiring to make sure the stock wires won't fry themselves when the bulbs were powering up.
  5. do you have any instructions on this? so there are no projectors that will fit an hid 9007 bulb? if not- i dont think i am going to spend all the money for new hids, and projectors.
  6. go to www.hidplanet.com . There's endless amounts of info there in the forums. There are people there who will do the retrofit for you if you want. But I do not think you'll find an HID (not halogen) projector that will accept a 9007 bulb.
  7. yeh- i went there and they basically said i cant use my 9007 bulb. so now i have to decide if i want to change my whole thing- new projects, new bulbs, etc- and sell my kit or just keep my HID kit.

    did you do a retrofit for your car?
  8. yes.. I retrofitted a pair of bmw 3 series bi-xenon projectors into my stock housings. I also used the bmw HID harness and hardware. It took A LOT of work to do, but was more than worth it to me. I used to have one of those "kits" and it couldn't even compare to the light output of the projector setup I have now. Not to mention that I even have high beams as well.
  9. how much did everything cost you if u dont mind- where did you get the stuff from- any pics?
  10. I acutally got my stuff for an amazingly cheap price. I think the guy I bought the stuff from didn't know what he had. I paid $120 for both the projectors and $150 for the ballasts, bulbs and wiring. Everything was used. The projectors will usually go for around $200 and the ballasts for the same price. The projectors are e-46 bi-xenon. If you don't care about not having high beams you can get the regular proejctors which are cheaper. The ballasts are Hella Gen. III. And the bulbs are D2S Osrams (4300k)

    I only have a few pics on this computer. I have better ones on my old computer.



  11. i have to ask my dad if he think we (and by me i mean mostly him) can tackle this. Then i have to decide if i want to sell my entire HID kit- and get a retro kit from hidplanet. or try to find projectors and new bulbs and keep my ballasts. so many decisions---

    what county is bridgewater in and do you go to any meets/shows im from NJ too.
  12. we have hid kits available, we can also provide projectors, i am a supporting vendor on a bmw site http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=353711, i have sevral group buys going on now for complete hid retrofit kits at the best prices and warranties anywhere. i am also looking into becoming a vendor here shortly.
  13. how much for the projectors and what kind?
  14. i have a whole unit, projector headlight with hid's preinstalled in them so all you guys have to do is replace your headlights and bingo, price would depend on qty. but im thinking around $600 complete, 10 buyers ~$25 off 25 buyers ~$50 off, our world famous demon eyes may be available on these too:)
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  15. mike2858, I'm in Somerset County. I go down to Raceway Park just about every weekend. I'll be at FFW later this month as well.

    As for the lights, what you could do is keep your current ballast/ignitors and buy a pair of d2s bulb plugs and splice them into your current ballasts. That way, all you need to buy is projectors and bulbs and then do the retrofit. Check the classifieds on hidplanet. People are always selling projectors there. If you want, I can get you a pair of osram bulbs for $50 shipped. What type of HID kit do you have, just so I can get a better idea of what the setup looks like.
  16. i have the cartech/mecca tune hid kit.
    the kit contained relays, hella ballasts, wiring, and thebulbs.

    i dont go to e-town that often ebcause ive never raced my car- however i will probably be going to the FFW and almsot definetly the june 11 cjmf event. ill shoot you a PM when im going. thanks for the help.

  17. Im sorry but that photo is awesome...looks like a tiger of the prowl
  18. thanks, we are pretty proud of our demon eyes.:)
  19. what kind a car is that
  20. e46 bmw, we make them for a wide selection of cars and models. the stang among them.:)