HID Light system

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  1. If anyone has a true HID headlight system, what type is it? and where did you get it from? I have to get new headlight assemblies and was thinking of getting HID.
  2. be prepared to spend about 500 bucks
    and i think hid4less.com is a site
  3. lol kinda ironic.

    hids4less sells HID kits
    HID kits are expensive.
  4. Yea. they aren't as cheap as i thought. Rather get some N2O goodies....
  5. see my sig..I run Slyvania Xenarc true HID fogs.($450)

    As for your headlight, the government has restricted the import of HID conversion kits. The true HID kits...meaning a kit that has a ballasts like a flourenscent light has and a true HID gas tubes..not a bulb true HID is more like a small very bright neon tube, anyway the cost is 400-500 for a good kit.

    Just so you know ...an HID "kit" for your car is just a ballast, and HID capluse setup. meaning you will be switching out our stock(9007 or 9004, dont recall the exact one).anyway you will pull out the stock bulb..and insert the HID capuluse that has been "apdapted" to twist into our stock headlight enclouse, unfortunately the extreme brightness that the HID capluse puts out is the reason they are being restricted in many areas. Our stock enclouse is not really adjustable to manage such a bright light. Go check out some Audi S4s or BMW and you will notice a "projecter" type lens in ther headlight which allows them to better aim those fancy purlplish blue lights, also way the HID factory upgrade are still very expensive because of the extra aiming hardware...and this also why the Government is looking the them because they are being installed in car like our with proper enclouses.. I will be getting a set soon too, but I'm saving up my $500 bucks.

    more pointers...
    1. HID kits use less amperage than stock lights...the ballast converts the 14volt to 25000volts...like in a neon sign. The low amperage also means the lights are cool to touch.
    2.. dont go beyond 5000 or 6000K in light temp... BMW and Audi lights are 5600K anything ..beyond 6K will actually diminish your ability to see at night human eyes begin to have trouble seeing light as in approaches Utlraviolent...the more blue and purple you see the less range you will have.

    Just relize you will putting out really bright...and you "might" attract the wrong kind our attention from da man.

    I love my HID fogs...I actually can drive at night with just my fog lights.
  6. here are my fogs on the wall


    from the front

  7. I got some HID's on my stang. I got the HID Plus one's off a website that I don't remember. They cost me $450, but I love them. 4.6_02_Black_GT is right about having HID's in a regular headlight housing. The beam pattern on the ground is kinda messed up, but it gives out a heck of alot more light than the stockers. Maybe I'll post some pics if I can find them.

  8. Here is some pics of my HID's.

    Pic1: HID's from an angle and the street in front of me.
    Pic2: a close up of the different between HID's and stock fogs.
    I'll post two more pics.

  9. Pic3: kinda of a blurry pic of the HID shining on the back of a TA.
    Pic4: a good pic of the light on the ground, but this pic turned out way too blue because of the angle of the pic. Looks much whiter in real life.

  10. OK... this fascinates me. I want HID, since night driving vexes me. So for now, all that's available to me is this conversion kit, which will probably be a bit too bright. :shrug: Do you know of any kit that replaces the whole housing? I imagine it would be a touch more expensive. :rolleyes: And if such a thing exists, would it make my car look Euro? (Something I'd prefer to avoid). :)
  11. Anybody know of one you can use both high and low beam?
  12. Xton...

    There are lots of people that are good with plastic and a Dremmel tool that have taken the entire Lexus, and Audi projector assembly out and customized our stock housing to except them, so they have bright lights that are aimed well.

    As as far the low beam high beam question the answer is no.
    Oh yeah...forgot to tell you the replacement capuluses are about $100 each.

    Go for it.....I will have my set soon, I will post when I have them installed.