HID Projector Headlight Retrofits (05-09)

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  1. Hey guys!

    I just wanted to pop in an show you all what i produced for a friend of mine
    It is a OEM Bi-Xenon projector and HID retrofit. He was so happy with them that is suggested a join a forum and see if others out there would like a nice headlight upgrade. here are a few pictures.


    and with DRL LEDS

    I have been doing many retro fits for the Dodge Avenger folks, about 25 under my belt there so i am well experienced.
    Is there anyone on these forums going headlight retrofits? I really dont want to step on toes i just want to pass along the performance to the 05-09 guys to keep up with the headlights of the new 2010+

    Any way, if any of you have any questions or would like to look into picking up a set, Let me know! Prices usually range from $500 to $800 depending on options of the OEM parts. Ones pictures are $550 with G35 projectors and shroud (also available are FX35 projectors and TL projectors). Adding $50 will get you LED DRL. I know it might seem a bit steep, but when compared to the $1500-2000 OEM headlights the parts are coming out of, its not so bad.

    I know i am new here but i have been doing this for some time. almost 400 ebay feed back and over 50 retrofits under my belt. I am not a company just an electronics engineer that like to play with lights in his spare time. But if the admins believe i should be under an vendor account please contact me.

    here is a facebook photo album with a couple examples of some of my work.

    Thanks for looking!
  2. Im very interested in getting a pair of these, how much would it cost me for ones like in the picture, with out the DRL LED's. shipped to southern Cali?
  3. im interested

    im interested in a set for my 2011 mustang with halos how much would you charge me?
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