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  1. Have ANY of you seen the abomination...classic Mustang body panels attached to a Miata...and a write up seeing it as GOOD???

    It is the apocalypse.
  2. you gotta admit its creative.....but yes....super ugly
  3. This thread is useless without pics.....
  4. Here's a link to their website:


    While not the best looking ride I've seen, at least they're using all aftermarket body parts and helping support the classic Mustang aftermarket parts industry. They're not hacking up perfectly good original Mustangs.

    That's more than I can say for plenty of other companies that are scarfing up every decent 67-68 fastback left and cloning a particular movie car whose name I don't need to mention and asking $100k+ for them. I know...I'm kind of bashing my own screen name right now.
  5. it could be worse... they could slap the panels on a toyota! but you figure, if you first have the 5.0 conversion done on the miata, then have the bodywork done, there would be alot of head scratching going on at the local car shows!:shrug:
  6. Its not to bad ......Ive seen worse.
  7. I wonder what the final weight is?
  8. I would rather have a Miata w/ a hot SBF stuffed into it, rather than hanging the body panels on the Miata...

    ...still...it makes me a bit ill. I really like Miatas, and I LOVE OLD MUSTANGS. Keep them apart. This is some kind of abomination! I am having flashbacks to a particular line from Ghostbusters!

    Cats and dogs....
  9. I bet all that added weight realy slows down the car, I also bet it handles like a boat.
  10. i've always thought they were kinda cool, especially with a 5.0 conversion from Godzilla Motorsports (i think that was the name of the company)
  11. Instead of "sn65" its an "sn-mx5".
  12. Monster Miata..........
  13. I think it's a great idea. Maybe they could turn a miata coupe into a fastback?
  14. That looks weird, but it's nothing new.

    Here's a Fiat coupe from 1966. It has a blown 327 Chevy.



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  15. Now THAT was a ****in' Mustang! In all honesty, I think the car looked better with the Topolino body on it, though. If you ever see a pic of a dark-colored, super clean Fiat Topolino altered with "Davis & Ingram" lettered on the door, that was the same car. Another couple neat drag cars were Junior Brogdon's Phony Pony and the Psycho Mustang. Both were 'glass '65 fastbacks plopped on top of front-engine dragster chassis.
  16. here's a couple pics:

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  17. Cool pictures. That's a loooooong front end.
  18. There'd be a lot more head scratching at the local track when the car runs circles around everything. Ever seen a miata autocross?
  19. just my opinion ..i dont care for it
  20. There's a huge difference between careening around some cones in a parking lot and making a fast lap at Laguna Seca. My wife's nephew is an autocross guy and thinks his Escort is a race car because he routinely beats Corvettes and Mustangs at autocross. Like most autocross guys, he's living in a fantasy world.