HID's from vvme.com?

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  1. Ohh ok that explains alot. I got both the dual beam kit and a kit for my fog lights but after installation I thought that they were not right because the low beams are much brighter than the high beams. This made me think that the low and high beams were reversed.

    So your telling me that the low beams are actually suppose to be brighter than the high beams, and if so that doesn't make alot of sense.
  2. Well the purpose of having a halogen high beam is like others have said. If adding HID's to a vehicle that didn't offer them as standard equipment is illegal where you live, then using the high beams is kinda a way to pass any inspection you might come across. That is how I understand it anyway.
  3. My ballists just took a crap a week back
  4. the high/low is not a halogen. the effect is simulated by moving the bulb in and out of the base which re-directs light in the housing to simulate a high beam.

    i do know some utilize a halogen, but the vvme use an actuator to move the bulb in and out.+

    EDIT: looks like you can get the VVME stuff on ebay. now i think i will order me some now.

  5. Well any HID retrofit using a plug and play kit is illegal period..high beam or not. These kits are not DOT approved.

    The only legal HID retrofit is if a vehicle does have a model equipped with HID's from the factory and you use the OEM parts.

    For example, you own an '05 Mustang and get some '08 Shelby OEM HID components and put them on your car. Now it's 100% legal. However, stick a PnP kit in the halogen headlight and it's illegal.

    Just something to keep in mind.
  6. Wow thats a bummer!!

    Did you have a vvme kit? If so, how long have you had them?
  7. idk if it has been stated but vvme just dropped their price on the bixenon...i remember they used to be 89..theyre 79 now,.
  8. Less than a year. I was at a party bragging about how bright my 6000Ks were, and when I pulled the headlight knob... just fogs!
  9. have you tracked it to the ballast? other than the fuse in the kit and the stock lights fuse? i had this happen once and it was the relay in the wiring harness for the bi xenon, simple to fix
  10. I have the vvme 6000K kit in my explorer and I love them.

    I am amazed at the quality of the kits. The ballasts are very solid and the wiring is great quality.
    I have zero problems. Toughest part was figuring out where to mount the ballasts. Needed the kit a a drill, a bit and self tapping screws and it was said and done in about 45 minutes. That includes deciding where to mount the ballasts.
  11. Yeah we traced it and ended up buying 9007 bulbs so I could drive home. The next day we tested both the bulbs and the balsts on another set of HIDs and the balsts were bad. Not bashing the company at all, any time you make millions of products you tend to have some ill fated ones.
  12. for everyone wishing to purchase this kit from their website WHO ALSO want to purchase their single beam kit for their fogs please listen:

    They only offer two bulb types that are close to our 899 bulb type. They DO NOT offer an 899 bulb type! Only 880 and 881.

    This is ok because I did some digging on the internet and found:

  13. Was the car running when you turned them on? I've have always been told that if you have a HID kit you should only turn them on when the car is running, because when there isn't sufficient power running to them it puts an overbearing strain on the ballast that could result in what happened to you.

    I'm not positive about this, it's just what I've been told.
  14. its highly for that to occur without fuses, yes

    the reason for this is that the draw on the electrical system when the HID's are initially turned on is double than what they normally operate at
  15. wierd that both would go out at the exact same time.

    did you use a relay and directly wire them to the battery?
  16. vvme has a 14 month warranty since you have had them for less than a year I would look into getting them to replace the ballast for you.
  17. Interesting...

    Just emailed them about it.

  18. ok so i installed my kit today. first off let me say i ordered them from the ebay site of vvme. i purchased them friday and had them today. so the shipping was fast even though i screwed up and forgot to put a note in during the purchase for the color and size. i emailed the seller and the response was fast.

    but now i am having the same problem.

    i tried flipping the positive negative of the wire going to the magnetic actuator and they dont move at all. i was tired of messing with it and left it that way.

    otherwise the kit looks good. i got the 8000k kit and the light is so white and crisp, i cant wait to try these out tonight.
  19. why not calling their support number? or sending them an email? :scratch:
  20. E-mailed them numerous times and they responded very fast! They just told me to swicth all three wires in the plug around until I got the highs/lows to come on at the right time.