HID's from vvme.com?

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  1. and the result?
  2. ok guys, got a question. A while back I ordered the single beam ballast kit, from a seller on ebay...not related to VVME. I got the 8000K kit for the 9007 bulbs...and installed them for my regular lights. Now I am wanting to get a Dual Beam Kit for Headlights, and move the single beam kit down to my foglights, but apparently the bulbs are different???

    so do I just need to order 2 new kits, 1 dual beam and 1 single beam, and then just sell the other kit that I had previously?


    EDIT: I am putting on an 03 Cobra Front Bumper and Fogs, so which bulb works for the 03/04 Cobra Foglights?
  3. the bulbs in the headlamps are not the same light bulbs used in the fog light lamps.
  4. so i could get away with ordering some 880 bulbs, and a dual beam kit for the 9007's, and then swap my current ballasts down to my fogs, and then just swap the bulbs out and it would work?
  5. idk if their harnesses are universal with the differing bulb types
  6. doens't matter anyway, im not ordering from them, for some reason I can't pay with my paypal, so I will just order off of ebay, im not messing with them. if they can't have a working shopping cart and payment function, then screw 'em. all i get is some error message saying my address doesnt match up with my paypal..but I haven't changed it, and it shows it's the same.

  7. I did the same thing and got the same message. I sent them emails asking what's up, but never got a reply so said F it and ordered from ebay. Should get them in Mon morning. yeah.
  8. The bulbs you need for the 03/04 cobra fog lights are the H10 bulbs.
  9. Your talking about the three wires that go into the stock headlight plug right? I just wired mine up and they don't work but I tried switching those wire in the plug but I don't know how to switch them around without cutting the wires and just twist and tape them back together. How did you change the three wires around. :shrug:
  10. Make sure you are changing around the three wires from the HID kit and not the factory harness plug, and no do not cut the wires it is easy to get them out without cutting. Get a very very small screwdriver or possibly a paper clip and straighten it out. Use this to poke into the backside of the clip to release the wires. They are held in there with retaining clips, just be careful not to break anything and take your time.
  11. I may go ahead and order a set for foglights and headlights today. Is there any issue with the heat generated from these using stock headlamps?
  12. Thanks. I was switching the right wires but the problem was that my battery was so low from playing music while I cleaned it earlier that it couldn't power the HID's. That's how things go with me and my projects.
    Here's some pics. Sorry about the flash on the camera not being off.
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  13. no issues at all with the heat...they actually put out less heat externally than the stock lights do. go figure.
  14. 03GtinFLA ^^ looks good man. Glad you got everything figured out. What color bulbs did you end up going with?

    Ohh, and on a side note I have heard that you should always make sure that your car is running when you have your HID's on because you could potentially harm your ballast if your battery does not have enough power to pull them by itself.
  15. Yeah it took me all day before I figured out what my issue was with the headlights and then the fogs probably took about an hour to hook up. Thanks for the heads up about the lights. I really like these lights. THey are much much much better than the stockers. Oh and I ordered the 8000K. I was worried that they would be too blue but they are perfect. Just a slight tint of blue. Very slight tint.
  16. Yeah, I went with the 8000k Kit too and I was skeptical upon ordering them but once I got them in the car I really love the color.
  17. how did you pull the wires out of the adapter...i went out and bought a multimeter to figure out which one was the low/high beam.
  18. ^^ Go back and read post 43.
  19. i put a 50watt apexcone 5000k bi xenon in my car and its friggin way brighter than the 35 watt vvme kit i had and alot better quality but it did cost $369 shipped
    then again i did buy the life time warrenty and overnight shipping.im gonna do a retro fit down the road with o.e. tl projectors to get better light pattern
  20. How do these compare to what I see on stangmods and americanmuscle? Big savings, but is it worth it?