HID's from vvme.com?

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  1. So my question is ...does anyone have any info on how well the telescopic bi-xenon bulbs work (vvme's) in comparison to the bi-xenons that move a reflector or move the bulb behind a reflector to re-direct the light for a high beam?

    how well do your high beams work with the telescopic hi/low HID bulbs? do they illuminate everything from the ground up.... or do they just aim the light higher up in the air? (and not giving you as much lighting on the ground in front of the car)
  2. Daytime photos of my vvme 8000 hi/lo beam headlight kit and low beam for light kit. Granted my headlights and fog lights have a pretty dark sheet of vinly over them.




  3. ^ :drool:

    Man the 00R hood looks so good with the 03/04 front bumper. I miss my the 00R hood I had on my GT...if the cobra didnt have such a sweet factory hood, I would get one in a heart beat.

    I just cant justify it for a little better looks and less function :(

    BACK OT.... the HID fogs look great! Im thinking about getting some when I can. So what bulbs did you order for the fogs?
  4. Thanks man! I personnaly like the stock 03/04 cobra hood better but I got mine back in 2002 before your car came out.

    The fog lights bulbs are H10.
  5. bcollie,
    Sweet car man. Where did you get the vinyl for the headlights? I used to have headlight covers but they broke and are expensive but I really liked the blackout look.
  6. Thanks man!

    Got the Headlight and fog light covers from stickercity.com, they come as a package deal together for about $65.00 if I remember correctly.

    You can get them lighter or darker. I believe mine are the 15% but I wish I would have gone a littler lighter on the headlights because as you can tell with the lights off they are almost completely blacked out. I think that if I didn't have the HID's then I wouldn't be able to see too good at night with them so keep that in mind.
  7. Great H10s...thanks! :nice:

    Yea, but I still wouldnt regret buying that hood in the least haha....makes the whole front of the car just flow :flag:
  8. Well I decided to go ahead and buy them. (Hope you were wrong speederman!) I ordered the 9007-3 Bi-Xenon for my headlights, and the 880 single beam for my fogs. Both in 6000K. Ill put up pics when they come in. Also got the hypercoated saleens Ive wanted for a while, H&R super sports, grille delete, and bullitt pedals. Guess you'd call it a makeover.
  9. Nice, that will surely change the looks of your car.

    Just to reassure you I just installed another 6000k kit in my Ford Ranger and a 8000k kit in my GSXR. So thats 4 kits total for me and no problems.

    I just got the low beam kit for my Ranger and it only took me about 45 mins to install everything.
  10. i just installed the 8k. compared to my silverstar ultras i'm actually disappointed. but for $105 it's not that bad. they're too blue imo. but you can see white road signs amazing now with the blue tint.
  11. Just got in my lights. Ill install them this weekend. Ill take lots of pics. 3 Day shipping from Beijing to Alabama. WOW! Kinda makes me mad now that it takes sometimes 4-5 days for shipping withing the states.

    Got the 6000k 9007-3 and the 880 for my fogs.
  12. need some help

    Edit. When you plug the power into the ballast pay attention because there is positive and negative ends. Where did you guys install the ballasts for the fog lights?
  13. Well here is mine 6K hid kit the headlights are from vvme and fogs are from ebay.. I mounted my fogs ballast on the bumber metal bar right behind the bumber. here is a pic.
    you can see the difference between the two....
    this with both on..
    Ill take some more pics at night hella bright i love them!
  14. arent HID's bad for "other" people on the road if we dont have the proper projectors or housings because i saw some car with HID's and it was jus a blur of crap everywhere which was blinding for other drivers. Granted, its great for the individual because of the extra lighting, but arent they jus too bright?
  15. yes.:D
  16. Got the lights installed. Pics in a new thread.
  17. anybody have any trouble with the lights staying on if the car is off and headlight switch is off? only way they go off is if i disconnect the relay from the stock headlight harness. any ideas?
  18. interesting, Is it a vvme kit?, if so contact support about a new relay or wiring harness, Last time i checked you just payed they shipping and they replaced it. No shipping back
  19. OR, plug a regular 9007 into the pass. side connector and see if it responds the same way, if so check into the factory relay for the headlamps, could be sticking
  20. u mean the plug a 9007 bulb into the factory wiring harness?