HID's from vvme.com?

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  1. Yea. See what that does for us
  2. I just installed my VVME kit yesterday. Ripped out my old 6000k (one of the ballasts went bad) and installed a 4300k kit. The kit took me 15 minutes to install start to finish. My only gripe was the ballast plug from the stock 9007 harness was reverse of how it should have been plugged in so I had to break the clip on the ballast harness.

    Other than that, was cake to install and for $61 shipped for the whole kit, I'm not complaining for a second.
  3. I'm going to awaken this thread by saying I have these same HID's on my 02 GT, and the CORRECT wiring order on the stock harness, looking down with the clip on top is: WHITE, BLUE, ORANGE.
  4. Just so you guys know, I purchased a 6000k kit for my wife's F150 (h14 bulb bi-xenon) high/low kit. Everything went great, and then had a ballast take a dirt nap. Now I'm waiting to see what they are going to do. I waited 10 days for the damn kit, I'm not waiting another 10 days to ship it back (on my dime) and then another 10 for them to send another one. I told them they better ship me a new ballast ASAP, otherwise I want a full refund due to defective/faulty product. We'll see what happens. Made me mad when their website says 5 bussiness days, and it takes twice as long.
  5. Damn sorry to hear that. I would highly recommend picking up a kit from HID Guy. He is a sponsor @ New York Mustangs - NY Mustang Club, Forum, Shows & More! and if you are a member there will give you a discount. I have had a set of his lights in my fog lights for a long time now with no problems. I also know of about 20 other members with his lights in their car with no problems. Good luck.

  6. ohhhhhh,,, it seems so easy for you to install your VVME hid kit.... i got my VVME 43k hid but installed for 30 minutes... thank god, i finished the installation withouth any problems and it worked well , very bright lights.... $60 shipped to my door in 3 days....

    i will get another VVME hid set for my wife's car next month....
  7. yep,, i once installed my vvme bi-xenon hid with the blue and orange wires reversed ....so there is something wrong when i turn on/off the hi/low beam...
    i contact vvme customer service ,they told me to switch the two wires....
    Blue = High Beam lead

    Orange = Ground

    White = Low Beam Lead
  8. lolllllllllllllllllll,,, seems the same problems with me to reverse the two wires .....

    oh god, man,, you've installed over 50 VVME hid kits on your own and friends vehicles ?????? sounds so great.... you must be very professional at vvme hid ....:flag: