1. Well since i tinted my headlights not only are they ugly now but they show low light. Im planning on getting some new blacked foglights(if there is any), and some blacked out headlights. Whats a good kit to install HID's? can you install hid's on the foglights to?
  2. ive heard good expeirences about hids and bad. glare bad fitment, i would like to get some but the right setup is hard to find.
  3. all i really know is you dont want to go cheap on it
  4. HId's looks nice but you gonna be blinding oncoming traffic and that may cause a accident , I would do only fog lights
  5. blueovalindustries.com has the smoked fogs and headlights you can also try 50resto.com
  6. I get blinded on a daily bases by suv/trucks with bright bulbs who obviosly aren't worried about blinding me. Screw them get hid's......
  7. Our headlight lenses are just not meant for that. Cars equipped stock with HID's have the lens setup the cuts the light above a certain angle. It's even adjustable from the driver seat on Mazdas.
  8. Head down to your local import store...should have them

  9. I think that there is a lot of misinformation about HID lighting on this board. I am by no means an expert on the subject, but I will share what I know.

    From what I understand, the Mustang uses a reflector type headlight housing. A reflector housing is designed for halogen bulbs. HID lighting will produce a terrible cutoff pattern, and consequentially blind other drivers on the road.

    The product that these 'HID kits' are advertising is actually a HID bulb with a 9005/9005/H4 or whatever size base so a stock headlight will accept it. If your car has factory projectors, this would suffice, but not provide optimal lighting. With a reflector housing, this is terrible.

    The correct way to add HIDs to a car that did not leave the factory with them is to retrofit a pair of HID projectors in to the headlights. This will provide the good cutoff and put the light in the correct place (on the road in front of you).

    Also, when shopping for HIDs, please note that the K value (5000K, 9000K, etc...) is color temperature, not amount of light. 4100K-4300K is what factory HIDs usually are rated. Higher ratings will give you a more pronounced color (I think after 4300 it gets blue, then purple as you go higher), but you get less useable light. Plus, it looks ricey IMO, and I know that you guys are advocated of NO DOMESTIC RICE!

    I know that I'm not all knowing about the subject, so check out HID Planet. There is a ton of info in their forums. Also, disregard this info if you refuse to take advice from an import guy.

    Thanks for your time. :SNSign:

    -Shelby (hoping to get in to a 94-95 GT soon)
  10. very well put, Shelby.

    guero: talk to raceaholic--he did a very nice retro-fit in his fox and his HID set-up is sweet! the cut-off line is spot-on, and he's had no glare issues whatsoever.
  11. hmmm. interesting. maybe ill just get new smoked fogs and healights and see how it looks from there. Cuz i spray tinted both there is very little light that comes out.
  12. Thank you!!! i was actually looking for this site. but i couldn't find it
  13. thats it thanks