High gas prices and the new Pony

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  1. I'm just wondering what yall think on this. With the price of gas going higher and higher do you think it will make a real difference in the sales of the new Mustang? Most people seem to be going for something more fuel efficient because of the cost nowadays. What will you do? Say damn it all and burn that liquid gold till the tires fall off? Get one and drive it on the weekends? or say hell, should have got one while the getting was cheap?
  2. The new GT runs on 87 vs. 91 in other 300HP+ Mustangs thus saving 20ยข a gallon. Plus the Mustang still gets better gas milage than every SUV and Pickup truck on the road. If you still need better milage than get the V6 Stang.
  3. gas prices will have no effect unless they get up to 5.00 a gallon.
  4. im sick of questions like this being posted over and over. Try reading the past threads before posting. Even gas prices the way they are right now, we are still lucky to have such low gas prices... actually i think the Untied States has the lowest gas prices in the world.
  5. I think some needs to put up a sticky that says. Read forums before posting topics. This has been brought up several times. Maybe a moderator will merge them into 1 thread. Too save a little bandwidth and let everyone talk in one thread.
  6. My cusing has a 4-cyl accord, he gets 25 mpg, I get 22mpg in my GT, we buy 87 oct fuel for $2.1, he spends in average $1008 per year, and I spend $1145, so per year I only pay $137 dollars more but I have a lot more fun :nice:

    Having a V6 would be an average of $1095 per year with 23mpg (that is what I got when I had a V6), so you would save only $50 per year, that is why I think V6 are not really worth it.

    If you want to save a significant amount of money in fuel, then you have to get a car that gives you more than 30mpg, that means you have to get a very cheap-small 4 cyl car with very low power, from Accords and up you will not see a major difference.

    Many people think that because the GT has a V8 then that means it consumes a lot of fuel, the reality is that if you compare it agains many other cars like the Infinity G35 (6 Cyl), BMW 330, most Mercedez, and most midsizes, the fuel consumption is about the same.
  7. Wow.... I wish i got that many mi/gal. I get about 190miles/tank(15.2 gal) :shrug:
  8. Wow! that's awfull. That 12.5 miles per gallon.
  9. My wifes 2000 gt gets 26 mpg on the highway, my 2 wheel drive regular cab 4 cyl toyota tacoma gets 31. Heck even my 03 cobra gets 20+ mpg. Not much of a difference really and the stang is a much nicer road car. I will also point to the fact that SUV's and Trucks outnumber car sales. I dont know of any SUV that gets better much mileage than a mustang. AS long as the stang stays above 20 mpg people are pretty happy it seems. Gas would have to be $5 plus for me to consider driving a hybrid or the like.
  10. Some seem that I posed the question for myself for a future purchase. This is not the case. I intend to buy a new GT but not the 2005 model year. Quite possibly not even the 2006 model year either. I'm going to wait till all the production bugs are worked out on this new version.

    Others say I should have looked through other threads. Aside from the limitations of the search feature to the point of being almost useless, I see no related threads linked below this topic as with other topics. I brought this up because of an interesting news story I saw last night concerning people that are beginning to trade in their gas guzzlers for smaller more fuel efficient models and even hybrid type vehicles. Although the price of fuel in our country is somewhat lower it has still increased a great deal. An estimate of 33% from last years prices is close. Considering the average workers pay has not increased this same amount it only stands to reason low milage cars will be avoided if not decreased in usage. If you have something to contribute to the topic please do. If all you're going to do is **** and moan find another topic in which to do it.
  11. The only things that a v6 or I4 power plant really reduce are insurance cost and intial cost of the vehicle.

    The other variable here is the cost of other consumer goods. Considering that virtually everything we buy is shipped either across town, across the country, or even around the world. At some point, rising fuel costs will impact the cost of everything from milk and bread to your new DVD player. IMO this overall cost of living increase will have a more detrimental effect on car sales than the price of gas itself.
  12. I have travelled through every country in Europe, most of Asia and parts of the Middle East and I can confirm that the US is the cheapest in terms of the costs of fuel. This is why Europe is so far ahead of the US in energy savings technology... street lights with motion detecters, traffic lights go out when there is no traffic... etc. etc... I completely concur with this gentlemans assesment.
  13. Countries in Europe are also a lot smaller, so there is less distance to drive. Other than NYC and Boston, Europe schools the US when it comes to mass transit. The US is too spread out and too rural in most places for mass transit to be efficent.
  14. the environmental impact of owning a mustang in its current form and probably the form its gonna have for at least a decade is the only thing stopping me from wanting to actually own one. I think my bike with beefy rims and five inch fork looks just as bad ass as a mustang, and i can break more laws too. i'm just looking forward to someday when you can get around fast and in style without being associated with a selfish polluting and wasteful person. Like back in the old days, you could have a sweet horse, but nobody would go and torch it or throw eggs at it because it polluted a lot.
    I probably brought this up in the last thread like this, and these aren't exactly the types of cars that most people on a mustang forum would go for, but i hate hearing about people who have that preconception that clean cars are invariably slow. These things are pretty ****ing fast.
    The Italdesign/Toyota Volta, introduced at Geneva this year. Gets the hybrid drive system from the lexus 400h, with a 3.3L V6 and two electric motors... they claim 0-60 in 4 seconds.
    Then there's the Mitsubishi Eclipse concept E, with a 3.8 V6 powering the front wheels and an electric motor powering the back for a total of 470hp.
    Some of you guys might not like these things cause they don't have big loud v8s, and trust me, i know how you feel. But either way, we're gonna run out of gas some time, might as well start driving things like these, save the gas for when you really crave it.

    Or you could buy bus passes for a year for like 500$ or a sweet bike for 1000$ and save your car for when you really want it, not when you're stuck in traffic.

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  15. The only problem I heard with the Volta was an estimated $100k price tag. That was in quite a few magazine articles. And as far as fuel efficiency is concerned. If I don't get on the accelerator too much. I can get nearly 27 mpg in my cobra.
  16. as far as price goes, any new technology is gonna be crazy expensive at first. if this kinda thing became the norm and was mass produced, we all know the price would drop like mad. Just look at the price of a dvd player 5 years ago.
    But yeah, that's a good point. We could all get better gas mileage if we drove more efficiently. What's the point of flooring it when you see a red light up ahead. Its all about timing it so you don't even have to use your brakes at all. Of course with the number of cars on the road now, its getting pretty hard to do that.
  17. True to some extent. But last I looked there was some decent use of Carbon Fiber. And that is not going to lose much expense anytime soon. Even with mass production.
  18. I heard gas prices in Great Britain are equivalent to $5USD / gal
  19. Wow your a hard core tree hugger..j/k

    THe Ford SOHC 4.6L is a dirty engine... but it is dead soon, hopfully the new 3v will be a lot cleaner. THe New Mustang will be no worse than any other car. If your worried environmental impact than you should get a horse or dog sled over any car, not just the Mustang.

    GMs LS1 is a LEVin the Vette and Camaro. Are you going to stop mowing your law? Because a gas lawn mower puts out 10 times the polution of a car. New Cars are relitivly clean compared to the past and other gas powered vehicals (including bikes)

    Those cars are just concepts, they are not real and would not perform like that in the real world. If they were built as-is they would probably cost $200,000 and for what... and extra 10mpg? Plus they still use gas and thus still lead to the problems you speak of. If you really want big power and don't want to burn gas then buy a Mustang and get it converted to Natural Gas.

    California is also going to fall into the Ocean someday so everyone might as well move out tomorrow :rolleyes: We will all be long dead in 100+ years when we run out of oil and by then cars won't be powered by gasoline so I'm not going to worry about it.
  20. Not that I am trying to support the idea of buying a 4 cylinder or anything other than a mustang. But there are some estimates that we will run out of oil within 50 years. And while that is a long time off. Depending on your age. It may still be within your lifetime. But I agree by that time we will not likely be using oil for anything. Including heating homes and running cars.