High gas prices and the new Pony

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  1. Driving a manual is jst fun. It does suck when your in traffic and I sit in it everyday but it's worth it when you get some open road :p . As far as the gas mileage if your worried about that, buy a Toyota Pruis and take your good old 11 secs to get to 60 mph. :flag:
  2. I am perfectly happy with my automatic 1993 mustang gt.
  3. That's exactly what I want to hear. Since I plan on going the automatic route. Beside I'm too old to be working the clutch, I jus wanna cruise in my new gt :D, and step on the gas :spot: to get into traffic basically.
  4. Off topic , but I believe Venezuela and Indonesia have way cheaper gas than North America...
  5. I don't know about that. Usually the manual is only better on gas beacuse it has more gears. The '05 Stang will have 5 gears in both the auto and manual.
  6. Manuals also get better gas mileage because of the direct link between the engine and the driveline through the clutch as opposed to the slipping torque converter on automatic trans.
  7. yeah right

    nothing will stop driving a muzzy.never owned a different model .I'm 35 now going on my 5th mustang. drive them till i drop. nothin will get in my way. I don't care about gas prices. I don't care if I end up with 15 kids, I'll just drive them to school 3 at a time.
    Nothin will stop a mustang freak from buyin, only $$$ to buy one
  8. This post is general and not to anyone specifically:

    I agree with SVT about a sticky thread on gas prices or something. This issue has been discussed on every forum countless times on Stangnet, on the news, at work, and just about everywhere. People blow large amounts of money on the dumbest things, but when it comes to dimes on a gallon of gas, it's a crisis.

    A tank of gas lasts about 2 weeks in my GT, as a daily driver. Each month that's about two charges on my credit card. Instead of about $20 per fill up when gas was $1.60 or so, I now notice the charges are about $23 each. GASP....a $6 difference per month, the cost of 1/10th of a shirt.

    Oh, and this is the funniest part. A group of people at work where talking about how gas prices were just ridiculous, and how they were thinking about buying hybrids now. I chimed in "Hey, I get a 5% gas rebate reward on my credit card that you might be interested in." They quickly responded with "Haha...5%...boy, that's a deal (sarcasm)." Why don't people realize that's 10+ cents off per gallon, the increase that they're going nuts about?

    Let me summarize. I was paying about $40 per month back when gas was $1.60, and now I'm paying less than $44 (Gas rebate on $46 is $2.30). That's an increase of a glass of beer.

    Complain when gas is $5 per gallon, and save your energy now.
  9. Don't complain now and it will be five dollars a gallon. Then it will be real easy to get them to drop it back down, yea right. I'm glad you have no problem affording the increase in the price of gas. Some of us that have to drive to work though cannot. I'm at the point now I'll have to take a pay cut and get a job closer to home. If I don't with taxes and gasoline I won't bring home enough to make it worth it.
  10. But the problem is people are not doing anything while complaining. The whole 1 day gas boycott. That was a joke. It didn't cause the oil companies any problems. If someone decided to start a boycott for a month of 1 company. Then it might work. But to do 1 day is just dumb and a waste of time. I fill up everyday for my job. And yes it's expensive. That's why I am buying an 05 gt to replce my cobra. I get the nearly the same hp on regular not premium.
  11. YAY this is my very first post here! umm.. I can tell you as a V-6 driver I get between 19-22 mpg, mostly in-city leadfoot driving. (Trying to pretend I have a V-8!) The gas going up to $2.30 for 87 here in Oregon has had very little impact on my wallet. Soon I will be ready to go for my Cobra convertible, and fuel economy is one of the last things on my mind. I drive roughly 900 miles per month, which equals an increase of about $18 per month. Big deal. That's not enough to make me want to trade for a Focus. Having relatives in England, I can agree with some of the previous posts that say we're still lucky. "Petrol" there is about $5 or $6 per gallon. Good thing I wasn't the one paying for it!
  12. Welcome to stangnet RED98. Are you looking for a new or used Cobra, or are you going to wait for the next gen Mustang?
  13. I want to get a 1997, because I want to get one with a 305hp engine, and I believe that was the only year they had Rio Red for the Cobra, which is my absolute favorite color for a Mustang. They may have made some in 1996; I'm not sure. It is the color of my V-6. I have gone for a ride in the 2003 Cobra, and the power is unbelievable, but they just cost too much for me. Plus I prefer the 94-98 bodystyle a bit more than the 99-04 bodystyle.
  14. Yes that was the only year of the 32v Rio Red. And only 1994 were made.
  15. Good point about "Don't complain now and it will be five dollars a gallon." However, I think our government knows how critical our economy is in relation to gas prices, and I imagine they're trying to keep them as low as possible. Let's face it. America has one of the least efficient transportation systems. Buses, trains, etc, don't work like Japan, as we're so spread out. I do drive to work every day (20 min. there; 20 min. home), and looking at the hundreds upon hundreds of cars, I see virtually everyone driving solo. Therefore, I think gas prices are pressured to be as low as possible, or our economy is screwed. That's why I believe we have some of the cheapest worldwide gas prices...because we drive our own cars to commute.

    Again, my post was not to attack anyone on their gas perspective. I was simply trying to point out how hypocritical most people are when it comes to their perspective. People complain of their $10 monthly gas increase, and then blow $100 at a casino or in lottery regularly. They shell out hundreds of $$ in expensive clothes, but then suddenly turn frugal when they fill up their car. What really drives me nuts are when people have gas stations 2 minutes away from their house, yet they travel 20 minutes away to save 5 cents per gallon. Congratulations, they save 50 cents on their fill-up, but they've burned $4.50 on the trip. I could go on and on...
  16. It may seem strange, but even OPEC is concerned about the effects of higher gasoline prices. Saudi Arabia just announced an 8.5% increase in daily production and they're trying to get the other member nations to go along with them. They weren't successful at their just concluded meeting in Amsterdam, but there's another one in June in Beirut.

    Frankly, I'm looking forward to more hybrids and better fuel cell technology, etc. When we reduce our dependence on oil, they can pour it on their corn flakes for all I care.
  17. Well, I for one can say I'm not wasting money anywhere. My cars are almost 15 years old, can't afford to buy a new or recently used one for that matter. Lotto is something dreams are made of. I just can't justify playing even a one dollar ticket cause at the end of the year that $365 I could have used elsewhere. Clothes, don't even get me started. I buy WalMart, on sale, when I can afford it. I just bought my first new shirt, pair of jeans, and shoes last week for a total of $25 for a job interview. The first one out of 10 applications I've filed in the past few months. Jobs here are scarce at best. My gas station is located about a minute away. All three stations in my area are the same price. I gas up about the time the car starts to sputter while driving uphill. We live at the bottom of a damn ring of hills so antenna for the tv is out of the question. I'll be damned if I'll pay $45 a month for the cable in my area, Dish Network has my business at $30 a month. No long distance on the phone is also a great place to cut prices as I've found. At the end of the month I have just enough to pay the bills and damn near break even. I'm really pissed because my anniversary is next week. Whoops can't do **** no money, sorry honey.

    What pisses me off more than anything are these yuppie ass, wanna be better than the Jones, smart asses that say they could handle it if the price of gas goes up to $5. I'm glad for ya, but my ass can't take no more. I'm to the point now I get pissed everytime I see a gas station.

  18. So, does anybody knows what the mpg is going to be for the 05 GT.
  19. False. OPEC is not concerned. Saudia Arabia is. The other 10 countries see only $$$$ as they charge over $40 a barrel. Iran said it will back a "usual" bpd increase. But no one knows what "usual" means. The head of a major oil refinery (Valeco or something, I can't remember exactly) stated that about $5 of the barrel cost increase is due to our media spinning everything out of control. Every "analyst" thinking that gas will run out next month, no next week, no tonight at 6:00 write an article. They all think they know it all, write an article, the media picks it up and then the hype is on, driving prices up. Saudia Arabia said there is no reason to drive prices this high, and the rest of OPEC said tough cookies. They even said SA's extra 1.5 million bpd wont affect barrel cost, even though it should. Another major reason for this is the fact that OPEC stands to make millions because they agreed on these outputs a year or so ago, before the Chinese went oil crazy (along with steel). So the quotas are being pressed by the Chinese, increasing price here in the states. And due to the horrid public transportation in 99% of America, the oil companies are finding out they can charge whatever they want and we will pay it. However, some companies are starting to see the slow down in our economy as we lose $$ to pump prices, and steal from other things we would have purchased. OPEC announced today they expect $40+ barrel's to be the norm for a good long while. The also scorned Saudia Arabia for wanting to drop barrel price down the $35. Just give it time, the world economy will start to collapse, and barrel price will crash down to $20 or less, just like it did last time OPEC did this. Only SA sees it's going to happen and is trying to prevent it.