Engine High idle 2500RPM please respond asap

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by jhooks320, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. I have a 2002 v6 mustang and recently the idle has been jumping to a high of 2500rpm on startup and only idles down to about 1200. I was told it was the IAC so i purchased one but i want to see if anyone else has any info before i install it because once its installed i cannot return it. Also, when i unplug the iac when its running it idles down pretty low, but the engine starts to shake a little. Also it threw a tps code.
  2. could be the IAC... you can clean it and see if that helps... but, i think you've got a bad TPS...... they are not very expensive on a mustang...try clearing your code.... if the code comes right back, you've got a "hard" code, meaning it's a broken Tps... try unplugging the tps and see if there is a change in the idle... also... you might want to check all you're hoses and see if you have a vacuum leak... fords are notorious... replace anything that looks rotten.... also, sometimes, you can't see a crack in a hose unless you take it lose... i had an explorer with a hole in the hose and you could not see it, because it was on the back side of the hose.... i still vote for a new tps... probably around 40 bucks or so.....
  3. leaning to vacuum, I'd try the starting fluid around hose connections and see if engine speeds up, showing a leak location. real cheap test and fast way to verify
  4. Ok now I have replaced the TPS and it fixed the eratic idle problem. now i have another, when i first start it, it idles really rough and the car shakes. then after like a 2 mile drive its idling perfect
  5. sounds like choke issue, maybe if after start, still cold, you unhook the automatic choke and see-