High Powered New Cars

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by tjm73, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Has anyone else noticed that the factories are delivering more and more powerful cars? Anyone else though man my Mustang needs a serious infusion of power to "keep up" with what the OEM's are selling off the showroom floor or I may be looking at the taillights of a brand new Eclipse, WRX, etc...?

    My convertible is heavy and it needs a stroker to keep up!! :nonono:
  2. wrx yea, maybe. but the new eclipse is junk. our cars are over ten years old, so in that 10 years, they should be modded to keep up with whats new...i guess.
  3. yeah you're absolutely right, but dont worry about the newer eclipse man, JUNK! worry more about theose GTO's and newer mustangs and cobra's, of course those turbo'd imports too.. I'de be more scared of the stupid idi0ts that drive them... bay area's full of them :lol:
  4. yea the '06 GTO's got a power bump up to 400/400 but there about 600#'s heavier than fox's.
  5. Yup, the whole reason my car is down being built and built because I dont' want to get my arse busted by some geek that doens't even know where the oil cap is located.
  6. TJM - have you been completely asleep? :) There's never been a greater HP war than right now. The new Eclipse even at 3500 pounds is running 14.5's at 100 mph with a 260HP 3.8L naturally aspirated V6. Makes the V6 Stang look rather wimpy by comparison. Comes close to the V8 Mustang's performance with 40 less hp and 2 less cylinders. Heck, the new 4 door Toyota Avalon with a 280HP V6 runs mid-to-high 14's. That's your grandparents 4 door sedan. The fact is that if either of these cars, or the many others that have similar performance, get 1/2 - 1 second jump on you (reaction time alone will account for that) you wouldn't catch them in the 1/4. Heads up, they'll run right with many older Stangs. It's even worse for some of the more expensive performance sedans/models that are available. And worse still when you consider that most of these cars stop better, handle better, are more reliable, get better fuel mileage and are cleaner emissions-wise than the older injected cars.

    Ain't technology great??
  7. I'm going to cry now..anything positive to say?
  8. Yeah, it is nice. Look at the power numbers German (in particular) and Japanese motors (even 6's) are putting out (like Michael was saying). Even the base motor in newer stangs puts out almost the power our 302's do.

    I think it is pretty cool. Our cars are old enough that there have been considerable improvements made. Complicated stuff, yeah. And the newer cars tend to be heavy (is it me, or are the S197's really high. They are like Magnums. :D ).
  9. I got something to say... PPL who dont do the work themselves are pussies.
  10. if he wins i laugh cuz his motor was made by ****ing machines.
  11. Try this on Jerry - most of the time, people who don't do the work themselves -- simply have more money. It's only expensive if you can't afford it.

    Synned - it was ALL positive. :) Just depends upon your perspective. I've been an auto enthusiast for almost 5 decades now - it's NEVER been a better time to be a car guy. The sad part is that the domestic offerings are for the most part, either not up to the standards set by Germany and Japan, and/or just too heavy/big. I'm with Hissin - if someone would make something that weighed about 2500 lbs. and had about 300 HP, I'd be interested.

    If you like what our friends from GM or Ford are producing - run out and buy something. Soon. They need your money. Unless there are major changes in their leadership teams -- some sort of major shakeup is overdue. Rumors of Toyota bailing out GM (antitrust talk has already fired up as Toyota's chairman said raising prices on Toyota product would help ailing GM), and even a - believe it or not - Ford/GM merger are among the possibilities of keeping alive these two extinct-but-living dinosaurs of companies. Buy your new Stang now - before it has a bow tie emblem on it. ;)
  12. I like the new mustang, just think it is a tad heavy. Disapointed in the weight of the new 150 as well.

    Thought the 500 was going to be a really nice car, but IMO the engine is weak.

    I think Honda has some of the best engines out there. I am really impressed with the 3.5v6 in my pilot. Put that in a 2500lb rwd car and it would be very sporty car.
  13. There is one thing that all the newer cars cant compete with.......My stang is MINE...PAID FOR....all mine. Who do you know that paid cash for the 400hp GTO or the WRX...not many if any.... :owned:
  14. ford needs to get their nuts and bolts staight. they used to produce mustangs that had 400 hp....where have the times gone?
  15. gt500?
    whens the last time a mustang gt had 300 horses?
    but I agree, there is more speed to be desired.
  16. 1968 427 which had about 390
  17. Thats the way I look at it as well. I agree with what Michael said "It's only expensive if you can't aford it" and when it comes to a brand new car with a $400.00 or more a month payment I can't afford it. If you can afford it and want to make the payments by all means take advantage of the wide selection of performance cars out there right now. I am content with my 18 year old car for the moment. There will ALWAYS be somehting faster/nicer than what your driving out there.

    That being said I am glad ford is having such succes with the new stang. I was just looking through a magazine at the store (hot rod magazine I think) it had an articel showing that mustang sales were up 45% over last year. But as nice as the new stang is I would still rather have an actual sixties fastback than an '05 for the simple fact you don't see 100 of them everyday.
  18. I too am glad the Stang is successful. But, alas, it is far too little and much too late. Ford's and GM's problem is that they don't have vehicles to seriously compete in the mainstream -- they continue to lose market share in the Camry/Accord/Corolla/Civic market. With gas prices rising, their most profitable segments - trucks and SUV's - are taking a beating. And the competition continues to get tougher in the truck segments.

    Unfortunately both company's responses have been to cut prices. Well, no car company ever played a leadership role by cutting costs/prices to get to the top. You get there by creating great product in the mainstream lines, as well as in the niche lines. Unfortunately, however, unless you're a Porsche (for example) you have to have success in the mainstream lines to SUPPORT creation/sales of cars like the Stang and GTO (which by the way, GM is GIVING away at prices up to $10K less than sticker). It's unfortunate that the new Stang has to weigh as much as it does - with 2 adults and half a tank of gas - it's 4000 lbs. The new Shelby is likely to top 3850 CURB weight. Sports car? Not quite. Luxo cruiser is a more apt description.

    Like the other poster, I think I'll keep buying older cars and transplanting newer engines into them. Seems more interesting to me. Oh - and Jerry - I'll probably keep doing the work myself. 'Cause I like to.
  19. I look at it this way: My car has only cost me <$6500, and it can out accelerate 99%+ of the cars on the road (might not be able to brake as good, lol)

    but i'd kill to have a new Z06 or GT500 :drool:
  20. I've not been asleep at all. It is the biggest horsepower war ever and it's fueled by technology.

    My point is my once "hot" street car is now hardly even "warm" in comparison. There was time not that long ago I would dust almost any import that challenged my street supremecy. Times have changed. Many import and luxury sedans (blasphamy for their mere existence) can take me with out really trying and they will out handle and out brake me while carrying 3 passengers on thier way to the Opera. :nonono:

    Makes me sad and it makes me realize I need more power and better braking in my heavy convertible or I need to accept I'm driving a soon to be classic and enjoy as it is.