High Powered New Cars

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  1. Sure, on one hand it sucks to get blown away by a soccer mom w/ a car full of kids laughing at you, but it really comes down to apples and oranges.
    If any one of us took the kind of money that is spent on these newer cars and properly applied it to any of our cars, we would handle tighter, stop shorter, look better, out-run, and out-show any of those cars.
    But the bottom line, it is what it is. Some of us have $8,000 in our cars. Some of them will spend $80,000 on theirs by the time interest, insurance, and work is all done.
    Ultimately, it doesn't matter. We all have to live within our means, and maybe the guy who just smoked you in his caddy is jealous of the guy who just smoked him in his viper, who is jealous of the guy who just smoked him in his bentley, who might even be jealous of the guy who just smoked him in his $12,000 budget build-up 9 second "street" car!
    Get the point?
    It's all in the eye of the beholder.
    Ferraii, viper, Mustang, Evo, escort, Grand Prix, it doesn't matter: Maybe it's the sound of an exhaust, the plush beauty of an interior. The bare bones, stripped to the core interior. The soft lines of the body. The hard lines of a body. The "shake" and burble of a lopey cam. The whisper quiet whirr of 300 horses. A hood ornament. A status symbol. A name. A brotherhood. A work-in-progress; a project. The pride of making something from nothing, with your own blood, sweat (and sure, sometimes tears!).
    Whatever it is that does it for you, be happy and grateful for what you've got, and if you want more, go for it! Nothing in this life is free (for most of us), and certainly, "you've got to pay to play"!!!

    Keep in mind, too, the grass is not always greener on the other side :)

    until you're completely contented, don't ever settle.
    (oh, and p.s., don't ever be contented)

    I'm sorry - did that rant go off-topic?
  2. I totally agree and might I ad I think it would have been as clean or cleaner than the 4.6 as well. Plus it would have been smaller and lighter. Ever see the pic of a 4.6 DOHC next to the 5.0? And have you looked at the weight difference between a 4.6 and a 5.0? Yikes!

    4.6 SOHC Mustang engine = about 600 lbs
    5.0 Windsor = about 450-475 lbs
  3. Yeah well all these HP figures won't mean much in a couple of years... we'll all be driving around in hybrids or something... This is just like the period BEFORE the gas crises of the 70's... Instead of loud big cubic inch V8's in cheap cars, we got big engines in real big trucks... So what will replace the little micro cars such as the Renault 5, Civic and whatnot next? The Smart?
  4. Its funny that you posted this tjm cause me and my mustang buddy were just talking bout this the other day. Even SUV's for crimenies sakes are coming with some power under the hood. I like to do some research on different cars to see where my car rates and I have found that either the companies are fudging the numbers to make the engine look better, or they are simply putting the flywheel hp on the brocheres. My buddy bought a brand new nissan 350z last year and swore up and down that it would annihilate my stang. Being that my goal is not ultimate hp ratings I told him he was probably right. However lining up at the light I over took him in third gear and from there it was a cake walk. I guess my point is, whatever these cars are claiming to make, they arent doing it. Old technology can suck sometimes but its cool to have a car that you dont see that often anymore.
  6. Car companies have always advertised flywheel rated hp numbers. When an ad says 260 hp it's 260 flywheel horsepower.
  7. Screw new cars.....
    I've had friends tell me that my car may not be the fastest, but it sure is badass. Ive let some drive it, they say it just feels good when they drive....

    I mean when have you looked a new honda civic drive by and think "badass"

    Now how often have you seen a nice looking and sounding 5.0
    i always look at them and they look good......
  8. Thanks for straighting me out I never knew that was the case. Bet Alot of ppl out there do not know that. Of course alot of ppl dont know what a flywheel is anyway or what the difference is between it and the wheels. Hell i'm not sure i know lol.
  9. tjm - skip shift was all about allowing that engine/tranny/car combination rate a higher EPA city fuel mileage number - to help with GM's CAFE requirement.

    Jerry - I know YOU didn't say anything about money; I did. You presume that every enthusiast takes the same delight in working on/building their own car that you do. They don't. There are many who can simply afford to pay someone else to do it -- and they do. Those that I know are no less the enthusiast. I have to admit there've been times when it's been kind of cool to simply pay someone else and say 'make it so'. I enjoy working on mine most of the time. You enjoy it too. But not everyone does. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that at all.

    MUCH warranty cost management is being built into the software systems these days. Heck, you've even got some companies checking SCCA autocross results to see if a car has been autocrossed - and then denying related warranty repairs. Interesting...
  10. WOW!! First I've heard of that!!
  11. Talk to Evo and WRX/STi owners...
  12. My buddy had a brake warranty job denied on his EVO. They didn't come out and say that t hey know he races SCCA (which he does), but they said "There's no way normal street driving could produce this much brake dust". The calipers, which are red from the factory, were solid black.
  13. The irony is that Subaru gives away an SCCA membership with the WRX's.....but if you use it to race the car ---- busted.
  14. With regard to people no longer wrenching themselves: I have some friends like Michael mentioned. When younger, they wrenched. Now it is more cost effective for them to pay someone else (esp when they are busy). So if they need to do 8 hours worth of wrenching, they can go work 8 hours at work and they can pay for the repair and put the extra cash in their pocket. Esp on daily drivers, this is much more cost effective. That does not lessen their passion for their cars or working on them though. it is just smart use of time, IMHO.
  15. I agree completely:nice: (my car has only been worked on twice by someone other than me: 1. Tracing a charging problem and 2. Fixing a rear main seal leak after I attempted and failed and later found out try # 2 (not by me) wasn't working either.

    On the muscle car thing. The old muscle cars were slow IMO. The Boss 429's were trapping around 104mph or so right? They were about the fastest they come and be considered a "street car". I'm not talking about the limited edition (yes more limited that the 429's) HemiDarts. Stripped as can be.

    I don't mind the weight of the new cars because I don't see it as big of a deal. The newer cars still weigh in the range of the older muscle cars of the day and are much better in every way. Performance, gas mileage, cruiseability, longevity, reliability, comfort, style (opinion), etc. No comparison. They still outperform them. A 2500lb 300hp car would be hard to come by for most pocket books and still get the amenities of the "heavy cars" (not so heavy IMO at all). Therefore we get what we get :nice: I'm happy...
  16. My friend's dad has an '04 Mercedes S55 AMG - 497 HP supercharged 5.4L. We got the jump on an 03+ Cobra at a stoplight and completely walked it. I think it's pretty cool that you can buy a huge luxury sedan with that kind of power right out of the factory. AMG's have always been cool but I was blown away when they started coming out with near 500hp engines.
  17. Got torque?
  18. yay, the detroit horsepower wars are back :D :D
  19. Actually Sarge yes that has been the base of my build from day one, torque and you are right thats why he couldnt beat me. I was honestly suprised, cause like I sed huge hp numbers arent my goal.
  20. What are your mods to take one? They have 287 hp out of a v6 and trap close to 100mph in the quarter mile. They have plenty of torque. Broad and flat for a 6 cylinder. Was it a 6spd? Driver error could play a part in that...but it all depends on driver and mods.

    Most cars are slightly underrated (today's cars). They are putting out the power claimed.