High Rpm, Accelerating!

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  1. I have a 2002 Mustang GT auto that when I start the car the RPMs jump way out of the normal range and when I put the car into drive, it feels as though the car has cruise control on. The RPMs will stay in the 1000-1300 range and when I press on the brake the car continues to try to accelerate, until it finally dies. At that point I will start the car up again and most of the time the problem will be gone for a while. I recently replaced the IAC, TPS, spark plugs, cleaned the MAF with MAF Cleaner, cleaned the throttle body & plenum. I need some direction, I have no idea what is wrong. I will upload a video if needed. Help!
  2. go back and look at the last things you did, triple check them. If it ran fine before you fiddled with it, and doesn't run fine after fiddling, then suspect the fiddling. One possibility is a leak at the IAC. Don't know your skill level, so sorry if this is insulting.