High speed internet/cable question

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  1. I have adelphia powerlink as well as having basic cable. My question, Is it possible to cancel the cable portion of the service and keep the highspeed internet and then somehow get the cable for free with some kind of device? I know it's a :nono: but I am looking to cut some costs around the house.
  2. I dont think it is possible. Its like canceling your phone provider but keeping your dial up ISP. Just doesnt work.
  3. I have comcast cable and internet. One time I connected my internet cable to my tv and I had cable. Been thinking about trying to cancel tv and use internet for both. I hear sometimes it works
  4. See I have heard the same, but I have never heard or seen it 1st hand.
  5. I have Powerlink also and it's only $23.18 bundled into my cable package. If I changed to basic Powerlink is like $42.
  6. I would think most places require at least the basic tv service to get internet. They both come in on the same cable, so you can plug your internet cable into the tv and vice versa.
  7. you would probly have to have basic cable in order to have the powerlink.
  8. A buddy of mine has direct TV and adelphia internet so I would say you can.
  9. I have Charter Pipeline it rocks :nice: