High speed rollover in my 5.0, totalled it

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  1. Heading to work with my buddy this morning and some idiot mexican decides to switch lanes a POS nissan pickup. He pops my driver side which is unexpected and I lose control at around 90 mph. slide backwards off the freeway, hit a fence, car rolls to the roof, slides to the side of the car, and than back to the roof and slides to a stop on a road completely off the freeway. I miss my car to death and unfortuanetly, I just switched to liability 3 weeks ago from FULL COVERAGE. So Im at a $7000 loss, and Im only 19. The guy that hit me fled the scene as soon as the CHPs show up. So if your in So Cal, get the plates of any old little POS Work truck with rio red on the passenger side door, he hit me.....

    Me and my buddy walked away without a scratch, but a very scary ride.....


  2. Wow man sorry to hear about that! Glad you and your friend are ok, Good luck
  3. its good to see your ok
  4. DAMN. Sorry to hear about that, but at least you walked away. At least the airbags didn't pop, you can sell those for a few bucks. Maybe some other stuff, too, try and recoupe what you can.
  5. man that sucks major balls! glad to hear yall are ok. since ur i the hole 7k mind as well pull off parts to sell since u cnat rebuild it if u can do that, maybe it will make up for a bit of ur loss. or even put them on ur next stang if u get one.
  6. Your worried about insurance money? You and your buddy are lucky to be alive.
  7. the sight of that makes me cry.
  8. you were going 90 mph when you lost control?

    Consider yourself lucky to be alive

    my stang got munched while it was parked at school (88 GT)

    hit and run too
  9. Damn, sorry to hear about this.

    Good to see your alive.
  10. man thats a bummer, but atleast you and your friend are ok.
  11. Thank God you are alive. Looks like you can sell quite a lot of your stuff to get back some of your lost money too.
  12. 90mph good gawd... glad to see you and your friend are alive...
  13. wow Im really sorry. Loosing a stang is hard but at least you and your friend walked away...... Damn Mexicans :mad: :mad: :mad:

    The cars not to bad off, a bottle of touch up paint and a few band aids and it should be good to go. :nice: Sorry poor attempt at some humor.
  14. Sorry about the car, but glad you're ok man!
  15. all I can say is: DAMN!! well, good news is you're alright... your car though, I'm sorry bouth that... I've had my share of close calls, but nothing like that... that just plain sucks! so, how much are you getting from insurance?? just out of curiosity? I only have liability too, so I'm kinda curious...
  16. I can sympathize that being $7K in the hole sucks, however, look at it this way: cars are replacable, people are not. Just glad to hear that you and your buddy are alive and OK.
  17. I'm glad you are OK!!! Like was said, count your blessings.
  18. Sorry to hear bout your accident...glad your ok tho.
  19. Godamn, sorry to see it. Hope you find the guy and get some money, if not some justice. :(